2.16.0-0 27/Sep/2018

  • Improvement - B2B Order Portal Theme now available for Premium plans. See announcement on our blog.
  • Improvement - Auth.net Authorize Only and PayPal Authorize will not change State to Processing
  • Improvement - Terms & Conditions per customer group introduced - you can have a terms checkbox during checkout that is only displayed for specific customer groups. See https://support.zoey.com/docs/enabling-terms-conditions-on-checkout for further instructions.
  • Fix - Homepage infinite scroll - duplicate product
  • Fix - B2B - Registration Form (Multi-Select Order not reflecting the order chosen in the admin)
  • Fix - Wishlist not saving variations or custom options
  • Fix - Corrected issue with configuring Wishlist items
  • Fix - Exports of Order Data, Invoice Data, Credit Memo were adjusted to resolve issued reported by customers.

2.15.0-0 24/Sep/2018

  • Improvement - Account Panel: Manage Staff Accounts Role added to allow for roles others than the Account Owner to be able to add, edit and delete staff accounts. Staff Accounts with this role cannot set a new Account Owner for security reasons. The setting can be found under My Account -> Account Manager -> Staff Accounts. A setting was only added for those with full access.
  • Improvement - Category List Block - Collapse for Mobile option added to allow more flexibility on smaller devices.
  • Improvement - New Information Block that allows for a mix of content types (headline, copy and image) without needing to drag in separate blocks
  • Improvement - Sub-Category Pages can now just show a title if images are used on the category level but not needed on the sub-category level
  • Fix - Credit Memo not working when Gift Card was used
  • Fix - Slideshow Not Showing Image after selecting
  • Fix - Exports of Order Data, Invoice Data, Credit Memo were adjusted to resolve issued reported by customers.

2.14.1-2 20/Sep/2018

  • Fix - Error with the Stripe Subscriptions app displayed an Invalid license key error when unrelated actions were taken.

2.14.1-0 19/Sep/2018

  • Improvement - For performance reasons, the Mini Cart was restricted to only load a certain number of items. The setting by default is set to 25 items, but can be adjusted (with an absolute maximum of 100). You can adjust the setting under Setup -> Checkout Settings -> Shopping Cart Settings. Look for "Maximum Display Minicart Item(s)" at the bottom.
  • Fix - Gift Card was not showing on Invoice

2.14.0-0 18/Sep/2018

  • Improvement - Cart Count - You can now choose to present Total Qty or # of unique products in the cart. Setting is located at Setup -> Checkout Settings -> Shopping Cart Settings. Look for the item near the bottom labeled "Minicart Item Count Display"
  • Improvement - Increase # of available shipping flat rates to 15
  • Improvement - Clearer error message when a specific theme is already installed
  • Fix - Out of Stock Notification App not working on Configurable Products
  • Fix - Advanced Filter not working on Low Stock tab of Product List

2.13.4-0 14/Sep/2018

  • Fix - Swatches incorrectly displaying OOS variants on Category Pages

2.13.2-0 13/Sep/2018

  • Fix - Product list Table View displayed more than one qty box

2.13.1-1 12/Sep/2018

  • Fix - Product > Can't Switch Between Tabs

2.13.1-0 11/Sep/2018

  • Fix - Print Invoice link missing from My Account View Order
  • Fix - Homepage Ajax Products loading same products
  • Fix - Category Sidebar Block Padding not working when collapsed

2.13.0-0 11/Sep/2018

  • Improvement - Configurable Product Variations can now be limited to specific Customer Groups
  • Fix - B2B Access Restrictions on Bundled Products were sometimes leaking prices in drop downs
  • Fix - "Add to Links" font styling in the Visual Design Editor was not working
  • Fix - Product List Component lets you set the number of products to too high of a value which could cause the page not to load. The Products will now lazy load as the user scrolls down
  • Fix - Category Template in Categories was sometimes pulling in the wrong value causing products to not appear on the category page.

2.12.4-0 07/Sep/2018

  • Fix - Ordered Items Add All to Quote was always visible
  • Fix - Ordered Items Page loading invalid cached layout assets (Visual Design Editor fix)
  • Fix - Security (XSS Bug) with Customer Registration Form / Customer List resolved. Thank you Muhammad for the report.

2.12.2-2 04/Sep/2018

  • Fix - My Account Ordered Items page was empty - Print Order was empty - both resolved

2.12.2-1 04/Sep/2018

  • Fix - Meta Title/Descriptions were not always saving

2.12.2-0 01/Sep/2018

  • Fix - OrderNumber Variable on Order Success Page was giving the wrong value
  • Fix - Order Status sometimes was not showing in the Order Grid just an endless loop