4.10.4-0 30/Oct/2020

  • Allow translation of NetTerm payment method title
  • Allow translation of grid header columns

4.10.3-0 29/Oct/2020

  • Adding ability to view individual product from recovered abandoned cart
  • Fixing issues with custom access attributes being removed and causing errors
  • Checking product visibility before linking to the product
  • Don't redirect to login for guest quotes

4.10.2-0 28/Oct/2020


FEATURED UPDATE: Bulk Invoice, Bulk Ship, Bulk Refund from Order List

New Bulk Actions have been added to the Order List screen to quickly process payments, shipments or refunds for multiple orders at the same time.

  • Fixed issue with virtual orders not being able to invoice
  • Fixed shipment save failing with multiple tracking codes
  • Added shipment preference to return to orders list
  • Added "configure" link to abandoned cart email
  • Added Visible on Store Frontend setting to new Invoice Comment
  • Added mass deleted action to abandoned cart grid.
  • Abandoned emails will no longer be sent if cart greater than X days old.

4.10.1-0 27/Oct/2020

  • Added attributes configuration to store config REST API Response.
  • Making sure total validation is calculated based on remaining amount Paid
  • Adding "update" link to changed fields in new sales entity interface
  • Fixed new Shipment screen missing custom added carriers

4.10.0-0 27/Oct/2020


FEATURED UPDATE: New Invoicing/Shipping & Credit Memo Screens

Invoicing/Marking as Paid, Shipping and Refunding (Credit Memo) screens have been revised to be faster and easier to use. They have also been updated to support the below new features (Zoey Billing and Deposits)



Send a Bill to collect Payment for Orders placed using NetTerm or other Offline payment methods. Supports Stripe and Authorize.net.


FEATURED UPDATE: Deposit Payments & Balance Collection

Use the new "Invoice" screen to collect a percentage based Deposit for Orders placed using any payment method. Use Zoey Billing to send a bill to collect Deposit or Balance payments on orders.

4.9.28-0 22/Oct/2020

  • Added REST API Endpoint to list attributes configuration

4.9.26-0 16/Oct/2020

  • Adding "additional emails" to checkout html and summary
  • Adding fallback for new multi-select tagging to storefront.

iOS v1.8 - 21/Oct/2020

  • UI improvements and performance improvements
  • Draft Carts - Ability to save a cart as a draft. Manage drafts in the Orders/Quotes Tab
  • iOS Catalog not supports the "Add To Cart Qty" product attribute
  • Improved handling for products with decimal qty

4.9.23-25-0 13-14/Oct/2020

  • Improvement - Admin Customer Create - Customer Group will now default to the setting in Web Settings > Customer Settings > Registration > Default Customer Group
  • Improvement - Bundle Product Case Type now respects not being required when used with other bundle item types
  • Improvement - Ability in Accounts > Roles to prevent users from adding new Billing or Shipping Addresses

4.9.22-0 12/Oct/2020

  • Improvement - Added "Require Address" setting to customer group registration settings in Web Settings > Customer Settings > Registration
  • Improvement - Adding Category "overview" and "additional info" toggles to subcategory list component
  • Improvement - Fixed variation prices not showing for logged out users when hide price when quotes is enabled is off

4.9.21-0 09/Oct/2020

  • Improvement - New setting in Quotes > Settings > Admin Quote Creation > Enable Validation to validate product inventory for admin Quotes (i.e. min order quantity)

4.9.20-0 07/Oct/2020

  • Improvement - Updated customer address attribute visibility to allow customer group restrictions for the "Company" address attribute

iOS v1.7 - 06/Oct/2020

  • Sort Products by ID, Name, Price or Date.
  • Search Product by Name, SKU, ID.
  • Search Customer by company name.
  • Improved product catalogue navigation loading times.
  • Bug fixes and ui improvements.

4.9.19-0 05/Oct/2020

  • Improvement - Adding "is_admin_order" to the Order Export CSV to allow reporting on Admin orders vs customer submitted orders
  • Improvement - Improving Category Table View to better fit Qty box and Configure button when rows are narrow

4.9.18-0 02/Oct/2020

  • Improvement - Updated Quote Submission Page to allow showing discounts & subtotals.
  • Improvement - Updating video slide template to allow raw html

4.9.17-0 02/Oct/2020

  • Improvement - SQL Performance Improvement

4.9.16-0 01/Oct/2020

  • Improvement - Updated Quote Submission Page to allow showing item prices.
  • Improvement - Fixed numerous bugs with exporting gift card grid with and without filters