3.43.0-0 30/Oct/2019

  • Improvement - Update to Shopping Cart & Wishlist to Group together items that are from the same Configurable Product, Group Product or Bundle Product.

3.42.0-0 24/Oct/2019

NEW FEATURE: Link Variations In Admin
Existing variation products (simple products) can be added to a Configurable Product directly from the Admin.

3.41.0-0 11/Oct/2019

NEW FEATURE: "Print Cart" Option to Cart and Checkout
A new setting has been added to Setup > Checkout Settings to add an option to Print the shopping cart. When enabled a "Print" button will appear in the Shopping Cart and Checkout.

  • 3rd Party Module Update - Upgrade Mailchimp App to Version 1.1.18

3.40.0-0 08/Oct/2019

NEW FEATURE: Product Attributes - Visible by Customer Group
In Products > Attributes, the visibility of the attribute can be set for each customer group.

NEW FEATURE: Group Product Image Switching
On the Group Product Page on your store-front, clicking the Simple Product Image will swap it with the Main Image.

  • Improvement - Ability to edit Variation Name, Custom Attributes and More from the Configurable Product Edit Screen
  • Improvement - Show Internal Comments on Pick List