2.20.0-0 30/Oct/2018

  • Improvement - Order # Filter now has Less Than and Greater Than options
  • Improvement - Ability to add "Info Text" to the Shopping Cart Shipping Calculator
  • Improvement - Bundle Product - Non-Editable items: The ability to add items to a Bundle Product that are automatically added to the order and can not be edited by the customer. Learn More Here
  • Improvement - Bundle Product - Fixed Weight: Ability to set Fixed Weight for a Bundle rather than having the weigh be determined by adding all selected bundle items.
  • Improvement - Bundle Product - Price Adjustments: Ability to remove the "+$0.00" Price Adjustment from showing on the front-end.
  • Improvement - Bundle Product - Fix Display in My Account, PDF and Email
  • Improvement - Added New Information Block in Visual Design Editor
  • Improvement - Ability to Search OR for Multi-select attribute values in Advanced Search
  • Fix - Manage Stock filtering not working in admin
  • Fix - Customer was able to order a restricted product
  • Fix - Issue with Additional Checkout Info

2.19.2-7 26/Oct/2018

  • Fix - Added scrollbar in VDE to resolve Page Settings issue on smaller screens

2.19.2-5 25/Oct/2018

  • Fix - Fixed bug around use default when saving config
  • Fix - Fixed issue around logging in when only granted permissions to quotes

2.19.2-4 23/Oct/2018

  • Fix - Display issue when running a sale on a product with tiered pricing

2.19.2-2 19/Oct/2018

  • Fix - If a product was not set to be allowed as part of a quote, it could still be added to a quote from the Advanced Quick Order screen. That has been corrected.
  • Fix - Issues fixed with product price meta data

2.19.2-1 18/Oct/2018

  • Improvement - When left blank, the mobile logo URL will take customers back to the homepage
  • Improvement - A reindex and refresh will automatically be triggered when a CSV import is completed

2.19.1-0 17/Oct/2018

  • Improvement - You can now Select All on the category admin screen when filtering for products
  • Fix - Resolved issue with quantity fields sometimes disappearing on Table View

2.19.0-1 15/Oct/2018

  • Fix - Fixed issue with display of tiered pricing

2.19.0-0 15/Oct/2018

  • Improvement - The gift message from/to data is now available in the Zoey API
  • Improvement - Ability to Duplicate sales/discount rules
  • Improvement - Allow Amasty Product Parts Finder to be added to the header
  • Improvement - Ability to disable sticky header for santi header
  • Improvement - Font size setting for sticky header vs. top of page for Santi now available
  • Improvement - You can now override the default Facebook image with one of your own for pages covered in the Edit My Design section
  • Fix - Customization Field displaying both percent and dollar amount
  • Fix - Amnesty Product Parts Finder: "Please specify the Parts Finder ID"
  • Fix - Customer Group Pricing was not properly reflecting on the homepage product list
  • Fix - Incomplete Meta OG URL

2.18.6-0 10/Oct/2018

  • Improvement - Previously Quick Order SKU entries were case sensitive.

2.18.4-0 5/Oct/2018

  • Fix - Importing product images from full URLs already in the bucket won't work

2.18.3-0 4/Oct/2018

  • Fix - The blog was not displaying the right date format when certain choices were selected.

2.17.0-0 1/Oct/2018

  • Improvement - You can now specify an internal page title for the VDE that differs from the public Page Title shown in a customer's browser
  • Improvement - A Global Branding option has been added to declare an Error Message link color
  • Improvement - Allow removal of Min Height on Mobile
  • Fix - Spacing adjustments in a couple of places for better design alignment
  • Fix - Change Error "There are no products matching the selection" to be more descriptive where used
  • Fix - Item Quick View-Tier Pricing Displaying wrong info