1.6.27-30 & 1.6.27-31 - 31/Oct/2017

  • Improvement - Exporting 50k customers at once used to fail, not anymore
  • Improvement - B2B Pricing in Schema Tags are now hidden

1.6.27-29 - 31/Oct/2017

  • Improvement - SOAP API now has parent_item_id, REST API now has product_type
  • Improvement - Duplicating a Category/Product Template now says it was successfully done
  • Improvement - Bundle Products did not show Tiered Pricing, now they do!

1.6.27-27 & 1.6.27-28 - 30/Oct/17

  • Improvement - B2B Options have been moved around for easier use. Options mainly moved to "Customers" menu.
  • Improvement - B2B Custom Registration Form can now be Centered (Setup->B2B->Registration Approval Settings)
  • Improvement - B2B Price Filters can now be set as to when to appear and the filters in general no longer "leak" data outside of the customer group that the restrictions are set to.
  • Improvement - Add to cart from the search page will now show a confirmation it was added
  • Improvement - Search will now remember the page number you are on so if you search and are on Page 3 of results, click on an item and click "Back" in your browser it will bring you back to Page 3 instead of Page 1.
  • Improvement - Order Screen now has Previous/Next and the buttons have been moved to their own row
  • Improvement - The store name (tsxxx-container) can now be prefixed for all exported CSV files. You can enable this by going to Set-up->Site Configuration->Admin settings
  • Improvement - Promotion/Sales screen got a small makeover with "is, is one of" now saying "is (singular)", "is one of (plural)" and "Website" being hidden as this was a useless setting.
  • Improvement - Category Design Templates are now Alphabetical
  • Fix - If a Product was set to track inventory but let anyone purchase it even if it was out of stock the product would go out of stock when purchased, this has now been fixed
  • Fix - Image Slideshow in Design Editor would "disappear" if an image failed to load in the slideshow. It will now show a placeholder image
  • Fix - Activating/Disabling Coupon Rules in Bulk would wipe out the coupon codes. This is now fixed
  • Fix - MSRP Pricing under certain situations was not showing up
  • Fix - Exporting 50k customers is now doable.
  • Fix - Using the Built-In UPS Shipping Method Free Shipping Option now works
  • Fix - Using the Built-In UPS Shipping Method with UPS XML did not show the proper titles for the Shipping Method
  • Fix - Warning when uploading Variation Image >1MB resolved
  • Fix - Breadcrumbs now respect External URL if set for a Category
  • Fix - Saving Meta Data (Title/Description) in the Design Editor for pages now always works
  • Fix - **Variations Sorting is now fixed. You can sort Variations by going to Products->Attributes and clicking on the Attribute you want to sort. For example "Color" for Tshirt to appear as Red/Green/Blue or Blue/Green/Red.
  • Fix - B2B Login to Restricted Product/Category will now redirect you back to that Product/Category instead of the Dashboard. Make sure you have this set in Customers->Settings->Login Options

1.6.27-26 - 25/Oct/17

  • Improvement - Category export now has the ability to export a list of your products with the Category ID's in them so it's easier to work with when having to change products to categories association. You can find this under Advanced->Import/Export->Categories and "Export Products in Categories"

1.6.27-25 - 24/Oct/17

  • Fix - Color of discount button on checkout page not always inheriting the correct style
    We skipped two versions for internal releases (-23, -24).

1.6.27-22 - 23/Oct/17

  • Fix - Category images were not always able to be deleted

1.6.27-21 - 22/Oct/17

  • Fix - Under certain B2B configurations Bundle Products produced an error

1.6.27-20 - 20/Oct/17

  • Fix - Setting an Attribute to be Exported in the Order CSV was not saving in all cases

1.6.27-19 - 19/Oct/17

  • Improvement - Changes done through cataloginventory_stock_item.update API method will now properly trigger events throughout the system. This means if you use the API to update your inventory and rely on software like M2E to synchronize that inventory to third party systems, M2E will now be properly programatically notified that the inventory has changed.
  • Fix - Edit Item from Mini Cart wasn't exactly working right

1.6.27-18 - 19/Oct/17

  • Improvement - M2E Updated to Version 6.4.12
  • Fix - Title tag was not always showing in the tag. You'll need to click on your image so that it opens the Media Manager and then click save for the title tag to be applied

1.6.27-17 - 17/Oct/17

  • Improvement - If the Base Price of a Product is lower than the Customer Group Price of the Product, a setting has been added to dictate which price should be used. This setting can be found under Product->Settings and then Catalog Settings->Force Customer Group Price Priority. If set to Yes then the Customer Group Price will be used. No will use the Base Price. Default: No.
  • Improvement - Filter Products by Category! Simply click on Advanced->Add Filter and select Category
  • Improvement - Tax Class ID now displayed in the Grid to make it easy to find and use for CSV Import
  • Improvement - Added the ability for Attributes to be exported in the Order CSV
  • Improvement - Drag the Category Title Block into your Category Template as often as you want
  • Fix - Saving Product Page made it go to a random position on the page, no longer.
  • Fix - Compilation of Design Center Assets may have produced inconsistent behavior with what was designed. This has been resolved.

1.6.27-16 - 17/Oct/17

  • Improvement - Products->Attributes are now sorted Alphabetically!

1.6.27-15 - 16/Oct/17

  • Fix - Customer Group Specific Tier Pricing on Configurable Product Fixes

1.6.27-14 - 16/Oct/17

  • Improvement - In rare cases when using third party importing tools duplicate SKUs could have been created and then never changed. The SKU Replacement import now has the ability to use Column A as "Entity ID" and Column B "New SKU" to avoid this issue.

1.6.27-13 - 16/Oct/17

  • Fix - Remarketing App was on even if it was off, bad app!

1.6.27-12 - 11/Oct/17

  • Fix - Gift Card Price was not updating in drop down when changing amount on front end

1.6.27-11 - 09/Oct/17

  • Fix - Price Range instead of actual Price was shown in Schema when Related, Upsell or Crossell products were used
  • Fix - Pending Payment orders were not showing up in Customers My Order Page on the front end.

1.6.27-10 - 08/Oct/17

  • Improvement - Removed Default Store from DataFlow Profiles to avoid mistakes in importing data
  • Improvement - Design Template Drop Down is now Alphabetical!
  • Fix - Could not remove a Minimum Quantity Rule after it was added

1.6.27-9 - 05/Oct/17

  • Improvement - Granular controls to certain Schema Properties under Products>Settings>Inventory section ("Load product availability in page source")
  • Improvement - Import - added a simple link to upload a new file without having to go through all the menus again
  • Improvement - Email Templates for B2B New Registration Admin Email now has access to all Address Object properties (Address, City, State, etc...) by using {{htmlescape var=$address.city}} or {{htmlescape var=$address.telephone}} for example.
  • Fix - File Manage creating duplicate entries
  • Fix - Access Restrictions on Design Center Pages lost after 12 hours
  • Fix - Category Interface broken when there were no categories
  • Fix - Categories Bulk Delete was not working

1.6.27-8 - 05/Oct/17

  • Fix - Category Images were not saving in a manner that always enabled them to be deleted
  • Fix - Sometimes not all Product Information was visible on the Product Grid

1.6.27-7 - 05/Oct/17

  • Fix - Category Interface Overhaul to better persist and save data when dealing with large catalogs in the Admin

1.6.27-6 - 04/Oct/17

  • Fix - Resolved issue with Tiered Pricing not showing up on Variations

1.6.27-4-5 - 04-05/Oct/17

  • Improvement - Hide "Not Visible" in products>categories>manage products
  • Fix - New Group pricing in Edit Products no longer defaults to 0
  • Fix - B2B - Page Not showing product
  • Fix - Shopping Cart Price Error

1.6.27-3 - 04/Oct/17

  • Fix - File Manager Errors
  • Fix - Issues with Page Restrictions
  • Fix - Category Screen Saving Message Issue
  • Fix - Change homepage title not working
  • Fix - Category Interface Error

1.6.27-1 - 03/Oct/17

  • Improvement - New Columns In The Product List ('Quantity Allowed in Shopping Cart', 'Decimal Quantity', 'Design Template ID')
  • Improvement - Removed "My Recurring Profiles" from My Account Menu
  • Improvement - Google Shopping - Override Minimum Quantity in Feed Settings
  • Improvement - Added Country Code / ShipperHQ Variables on Order Success Page
  • Fix - Pay with Amazon button missing from mini cart
  • Fix - Unable to Edit Product Qty when Editing Mini Cart
  • Fix - Unable to Delete Unpublished Homepage
  • Fix - Save Setup->Site Configuration gives an error even though it saves
  • Fix - Changing customization overwrites languages

1.6.27-0 - 02/Oct/17

  • Improvement - Ability to update the weight of products by bulk actions
  • Fix - Incorrectly calculated discounts in shopping cart for configurable products
  • Fix - B2B - Page Not showing product
  • Fix - MAP not respected in meta data on page