iOS v1.9.2 23/Nov/2020

  • Category "Tree" view - Your categories are now organized alphabetically and grouped by Category/Sub-Category. Tap a parent Category to view its Sub-Categories. There is a "Show All" link to expand all categories for quick search.
  • Tap the app version on profile screen to display device information
  • Order Item Sorting will now respect the settings from your Web Admin (Orders > Settings)

4.11.8-0 30/Nov/2020

  • Updated new Invoice/Shipment Tracking Code Section to auto-fill the order's Carrier and Method if FedEx, UPS or USPS
  • Updated Product List block to include Quantity and Packaging fields

4.11.7-0 24/Nov/2020

  • Updates for the SAGE 100 integration

4.11.6-0 18/Nov/2020

  • Translating attribute note
  • Added sales item sorting configs to store config api response.

4.11.5-0 17/Nov/2020

  • fixed b2b quote customer change not working due to cache customer instance overwriting the updated customer id on the quote

4.11.4-0 17/Nov/2020

  • adding check to make sure user has an id before auto saving after editing role
  • adding color style setting to product list short description group
  • adding second sort for more consistent results
  • Fixed invalid exception code error message. Added ability to map fault messages to other defined fields.

4.11.3-0 16/Nov/2020

  • Adding Sales Rep to show on the Quote PDF
  • Fixing issue with back to stock not working properly on credit memos
  • Adding product link to order item list
  • Updated net terms summary grid to not show company net terms orders if companies are enabled fixed net terms filters not being correct some optimizations of the order grid
  • Added customer_email to magento orders rest api response. Overwrite a email on address to always use email from order.
  • making pdf string translatable
  • when adding new address to customer, if default addresses are not checked, make sure to check the new address as default

4.11.2-0 13/Nov/2020

  • Added Order Comments to Order PDF

4.11.1-0 11/Nov/2020

* Removed automatically added items from cart when user logs in and carts merge. This fixes bug where quantity can be greater than intended.

4.11.0-0 10/Nov/2020


Featured Update

Ability to Bulk Ship, Bulk Send Bill and Bulk Mark As Paid from the Orders List

  • Added send email preference persistence to invoice and shipment create
  • fixed video component error div from api’s bad response causing js error during component render
  • updated order mark as paid mass action modal added persistent preferences for mark as paid checkboxes
  • fixed content slideshow showing dots and arrows on mobile and tablet view even when configured not to

4.10.9-0 09/Nov/2020

  • Added ability to restrict Only X Left message by customer group in design components
  • Updated invoicing and bill pay to allow sending/paying bill for orders with authnet and stripe payment methods always show send bill option but disable and show error message when not available
  • Fixed credit memo offline request not working

4.10.8-0 08/Nov/2020

  • Added mass update flag to product before save on custom option sync to prevent catalog rule processing removed temp log code

4.10.7-0 07/Nov/2020

  • Added ability to set customer group for product attributes in the product list components

4.10.6-0 06/Nov/2020

  • Fixed bug with excel csv files not able to upload. no longer do short_description required check

4.10.5-0 05/Nov/2020

  • Updated teams user permission to restrict being able to edit roles directly. Instead, it'll now save as a custom role.
  • Fixed credit memo confirmation showing grand total without tax