3.50.0-0 25/Nov/2019

NEW FEATURE: Staff Account Custom Permissions
Custom Permissions allow you to block the Staff Account from Applying Custom Pricing, Discounts or applying Gift Cards to Orders using the Admin Order Create screen. Learn More Here

  • Improvement - New Sort Option - Move OOS to Bottom of List (Setting located in Products > Settings > Inventory: Sort Out of Stock Products To The Bottom
  • Improvement - Companies: CSV Import/Export for Locations, Addresses & User/Roles Importing Company Account Data
  • Improvement - Ability to Filter Orders > Orders List by "Split Order Attribute"
  • Improvement - Order -> Attributes -> Type: Date - add ability to set a buffer of days
* **Improvement ** - Group Pricing CSV Import/Export Format Change from rows to columns [Learn More Here](doc:importing-group-prices)

3.49.0-0 19/Nov/2019

  • Improvement - Auto-adjust inventory - maximum/minimum allowed in shopping cart (Setting located in Products > Settings > Inventory Advanced Settings > Auto Adjust Quantity To Maximum Quantity

3.48.0-0 18/Nov/2019

  • Improvement - Auto-Add Product Promotion now supports adding Multiple SKUs Learn More Here
  • Improvement - Related Products - Related products that have already been added to the cart will still show on the product page, but the checkbox will be removed.

3.47.0-0 15/Nov/2019

NEW FEATURE: Price Suffix
The Price Suffix field allows you to add text to the end of a price such as $5.00/per ft.
Learn More Here

3.46.0-0 13/Nov/2019

NEW FEATURE: Automatic Purchase Order Number
Purchase Order numbers can be automatically generated on checkout by enabling the Automatic PO# setting. You can specify a Prefix like "PO-" and set the next PO number (8-digit minimum). Since the field will not be displayed for the customer to enter a PO #, you can enter a message for the user to see where the form field used to be. Learn More Here

3.44.0-0 05/Nov/2019

NEW FEATURE: Split Orders
This feature allows an order placed on the store-front to be split into multiple orders based on the value of a custom product attribute. Learn more here: Split Orders (Split Products Into Different Orders)

NEW FEATURE: Company Accounts
Company Accounts allow multiple customers to be grouped-up into a company as "users". It also allows for each "user" to have different permissions for the Company such as requiring approval to place orders. Learn more here: Company Accounts