2.32.1:4-0 30/Nov/2018

  • Fix - Shipped orders page display issues
  • Fix - Problems with product low stock alert tab
  • Fix - Cannot drag in product slider in the Visual Design Editor

2.32.0-0 29/Nov/2018

  • Improvement - Product List: Featured Products from Category option for grid display
  • Improvement - On orders, you can mark as unviewed to keep it as an unviewed order in the order grid
  • Fix - 404 when logging in to admin Don Desroches
  • Fix - Tracking # not showing on customer account
  • Fix - Product Tab fixes after launching editing
  • Fix - SEO section missing from Products in certain circumstances

2.31.0-0 27/Nov/2018

  • Improvement - Add Tab Editing to Customers and Products Lists
  • Fix - Grid Performance for Order, Shipment, Credit Memo, Invoice
  • Fix - Microdata tags passing wrong price
  • Fix - Shopping Cart Preview - Mobile
  • Fix - Checkout Information - Not Saving Changes?

2.30.1-0:2 20-21/Nov/2018

  • Improvement - Stronger Validation to Prevent JS From Rendering in HTML Blocks in the VDE
  • Fix - Unable to Manage Category Products Sort Order for Default Language
  • Fix - Sale Tax Rates - State Field not Showing When Creating or Editing Rates
  • Fix - Unable to Search Customer Grid by Full Name
  • Fix - State/Provence not Auto-Completing on Admin Order Create screen

2.30.0-0 19/Nov/2018

  • Feature - Ability to Manage Category Products Sort Order by Language (Store View)
  • Feature - Ability to set Max/Max Qty in cart per customer group: Learn More
  • Feature - Ability to Display stock level (Qty) to customers on the product page restricted by customer group. Learn More
  • Fix - MAP setting "See price before order confirmation." doesn't work with the Zoey Checkout
  • Fix - Orders > Credit Memos is missing number Credit memo # in column
  • Fix - Tracking Link will always take user to carrier website in Admin, Front-end and Emails
  • Fix - VDE - "Map Templates" Modal Not Appearing when switching themes.

2.29.0-0 15/Nov/2018

  • Feature - Filter Orders & Customers by Address Data (City, State, Postcode, Country etc...)
  • Feature - Flat Rate Shipping: Hide Shipping Cost Learn More
  • Fix - HTML being pulled into social previews - such as with Facebook
  • Fix - Unable to Remove Checkout Setting > Information

2.28.0-0 14/Nov/2018

  • Feature - Search Shipments by Tracking Code
  • Feature - Ability to hide Category Filters and Price Filters per-category. Learn More
  • Improvement - Filters does not expand large enough to be easily usable
  • Fix - Homepage layout weird and missing left column menu

2.27.0-0 13/Nov/2018

  • Feature - Stop Free Shipping with Discount Rule Learn More
  • Feature - Ability to change Page Type (Homepage < > CMS/Information Page) Learn More
  • Feature - Category List (Menus) - Specify Categories & Show Only Sub-Categories of Current Page Learn More
  • Feature - Discount Highest Priced Item in Cart Learn More
  • Improvement - Blog Post VDE Setting to Hide/Move the Featured Image Learn More
  • Fix - Size Filter not working if value = 0
  • Fix - Customer Attributes ending in _ won't save on registration

2.26.0-0 12/Nov/2018

  • Feature - VDE: Accordion Block for FAQ: Learn More
  • Fix - Export Order Data Currecy Issue
  • Fix - Zoey Checkout / PayPal Issue with Tax & Shipping Rates
  • Fix - Design Editor Page Setting feature is broken
  • Fix - Cannot delete blog template

2.25.0-0 8/Nov/2018

  • Improvement - Quotes: Added the ability to search for disabled/not visible products
  • Improvement - Customer Group Multi-Select UI - Change Placeholder to show that leaving field blank = all customer groups
  • Fix - Search Results Page does not have Add To Quote button
  • Fix - cannot add javascript to checkout information text wysiwyg
  • Fix - Schedule Reindex via API does not check >2 hour old job
  • Fix - VDE Save Draft Issues
  • Fix - VDE Error when duplicating theme

2.24.0-0 7/Nov/2018

  • Improvement - Product Bulk Action > Assign to Category
  • Improvement - Bundle Product - Use Item Final Price in "As Low As" display
  • Improvement - Category: Show in Category Filters setting
  • Improvement - Status Flags now display on search preview and product page when enabled
  • Improvement - Search orders by Phone number
  • Improvement - Add Inventory Options Button to Config Product Variations Card
  • Improvement - Login Page Redirection selection when Site Restriction Enabled
  • Fix - Adv Quick Order - Add Row Issue
  • Fix - Bundle Products: When Fixed Price - hide "price as configured" from FE
  • Fix - Issue with Bundles and Pricing

2.23.1-0 6/Nov/2018

  • Fix - Export of url_path does not work for multiple languages
  • Fix - Unable to import store-view URL Key using standard import
  • Fix - Editing products with bulk actions is not allowing multi-select values for the multi-select attributes
  • Fix - Prices do not appear on variations
  • Fix - Category: Overview Jumping to Additional Information

2.23.0-0 5/Nov/2018

  • Improvement - Performance improvements when a site has a lot of subcategories
  • Fix - Shopping Cart disappearing under certain conditions
  • Fix - When a product is Sold Out - the swatch will be slashed out
  • Fix - Homepage - Blog Feed (Month & Image Fit fixes)
  • Fix - Table View Qty field not respecting rules

2.22.0-0 2/Nov/2018

  • Improvement - File attachments no longer are required to be downloaded, but can now be read inside the browser
  • Fix - Trial banners were missing with key information during trials
  • Fix - Maintenance mode was not able to be turned on with B2B tools in use
  • Fix - M2E inaccessible by staff accounts

2.21.0-0 2/Nov/2018

  • Improvement - New Customer Emails can now be cc'd to internal emails, like others. New customer emails can also be resent at the click of a button.
  • Fix - When a file attached during customer registration had spaces in its name, a problem occurred.