1.6.28-18 - 30/Nov/2017

  • Fix - Having an attribute named "product" would break the Product List

1.6.28-17 - 28/Nov/2017

  • Improvement - Variations of Configurable Products can now be individually marked for different tax classes.
  • Improvement - Purchase Order Number Added to Order Export
  • Fix - Export button in Newsletter Subscribers Grid is back under Batch Actions
  • Fix - Category Page Template was not always rendering data in the Design Editor
  • Fix - DataFlow Imports could be slowed down by Active Sales Rules
  • Fix - Decimal Quantities showed saving error when there was none. Everything saved fine, just a false error message

1.6.28-15 - 21/Nov/2017

  • Improvement - Tax Rules can now exclude shipping from being calculated. You can find it under Setup->Tax->Tax Rules, click on a Tax rule and then scroll to the bottom:

1.6.28-14 - 21/Nov/2017

  • Improvement - Added email address to the Order CSV exports
  • Improvement - Disable the ability for to create orders in the admin for out of stock items. You can enable this in Products->Settings->Inventory->Advanced and "Allow Orders Created In Admin To Add Out Of Stock Items" to "False"
  • Fix - Catalog Sales were not always respecting start/end date of sales.
  • Fix - Order comments could revert back the order state to a previous state if multiple users were trying to enter comments and had loaded the order screen at different times.

1.6.28-12 & 13 - 17/Nov/2017

  • Improvement - Added email address to the Order Grid
  • Fix - Design Center 3rd level of category navigation did not always take the right color style

1.6.28-11 - 16/Nov/2017

  • Improvement - Add columns to the Customer Grid by enabling filtering for specific Customer Attributes
  • Fix - Configurable Product SKUs did not always change when Show SKU Variation was set to Enabled.
  • Fix - Bundle Products no longer show discounts incorrectly in the cart. This was simply a text change, the discount logic was always correct.
  • Fix - When editing orders, invoices sometimes did not appear in the grid even though they were created.
  • Fix - Downloading assets uploaded by users in the admin were sometimes returning a file not found even though the file was there. This is fixed for future orders only.
  • Fix - When signing up for a trial where you either previously had an account or are a Staff User to a store would make it so you could not login.
  • Fix - Billing Portal link would sometimes not be valid
  • Fix - Logging in with a wrong username and password then with a correct username and password redirected you to the dashboard instead of the page you were prompted to login from.

1.6.28-10 - 14/Nov/2017

  • Improvement - Changing the sort order of items within the order itself under
    Setup->Checkout Settings->Order Item Display Sorting
  • Improvement - Customer Notes to Invoice you can now specify whether or not to show the Admin comments. Go to Setup->Checkout Settings->Invoice & Packing Slip Design to change this.

1.6.28-9 - 10/Nov/2017

  • Improvement - Third Party Apps can now add user defined attributes in their apps

1.6.28-8 - 10/Nov/2017

  • Improvement - Order Grid now contains email address to search by
  • Improvement - Customer Grid now contains search by company
  • Improvement - Customer Information Page now groups the Customer Attributes into their own section
  • Improvement - Minimum height for multi-select dropdowns has been increased, hopefully will make things easier to use.
  • Fix - SOAP API V1 would sometimes route requests to account.zoeysite.com incorrectly. This has been resolved.
  • Fix - FedEx Shipping Method: FedEx requires that for shipments to Mexico the Insured Value be in Mexican Peso. The current logic up to now was to simply use the base currency of your store. If your base currency was set to Mexican Peso then this change does not affect you. Otherwise, if you ship to Mexico using FedEx and the destination country of the order is Mexico the currency will be converted to $MXN using the value in the Currency Rates Conversion within Setup->Localization->Rate->Mexico. If the currency exchange does not exist then it will send the base currency value with the NMP currency code - which could cause issues as the declared value may be higher or lower as the exchange rate is not applied. If you do not have $MXN currency setup, please do so now. We also encourage you to contact FedEx and confirm that the Insured Value is coming across correctly on your shipments.

1.6.28-7 - 09/Nov/2017

  • Improvement - In the checkout if a customer is logged in, creating a new address is now a link under the address dropdown instead of just within it.
  • Improvement - Customer Notes / Customer Comments can now be added to the Invoice PDF / My Account front end. Go to Setup->Checkout Settings->Invoice & Packing Slip Design to enable this
  • Fix - Extra ) in TITLE tags
  • Fix - Indexes were not always refreshing by themselves, hopefully now they are

1.6.28-6 - 08/Nov/2017

  • Improvement - Extended Email Templates to be able to access Global Variables
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  • Fix - Fixed the Design Center issue where saving would produce a red error message.

1.6.28-5 - 06/Nov/2017

  • Fix - B2B Attributes will now correctly show in REST/SOAP API calls
  • Fix - Bulk Actions to Active/Deactivate a Sale now work

1.6.28-4 - 06/Nov/2017

  • Improvement - Order Previous/Next now respects the filtering in the Order Grid.
  • Improvement - You can now have the SKU on the Product Page switch when selecting Variations. This change can be found within the Product Interface in the "Variations" section. You can set the Default Value for new products being created in Products->Settings->Catalog Settings
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  • Improvement - Breadcrumbs will now respect the path that was taken to get to them in all instances. Previously this value was cached so sometimes it would just show as HOME > Product - it is now based per session

  • Fix - B2B in certain situations was showing out of stock when the product was not

  • Fix - Adding to Cart using certain B2B Restrictions was failing

    1.6.28-3 - Skipped for internal versioning update.

1.6.28-2 - 02/Nov/2017

  • Fix - If you only have one theme left you can't unpublish it. Before you could, this would break your store.

1.6.28-1 - 01/Nov/2017

  • Improvement - Search Engine now respects B2B rules for Pricing with showing prices/add to cart.
  • Improvement - You can now export data about invoices, shipments and credit memos directly from the grid

1.6.28-0 - 01/Nov/2017

  • Improvement - Rekko App now loads correctly

  • Improvement - Exporting 50k customers at once used to fail, not anymore

  • Improvement - B2B Pricing in Schema Tags are now hidden

  • Improvement - SOAP API now has parent_item_id, REST API now has product_type

  • Improvement - Duplicating a Category/Product Template now says it was successfully done

  • Improvement - Bundle Products did not show Tiered Pricing, now they do!