4.22.0-0 28/May/2021

  • NEW FEATURE: Saved Credit Cards with Authorize.net CIM
  • Added support for authorize only, capture later, refund, etc to cim
  • Fixed broken customer payment management, updated credit card form in the admin to auto complete credit card form like the FE

4.21.5-0 27/May/2021

  • Made updates to quote picklist to handle child items
  • Updated validation Rules test
  • Added Account ID column and filter to accounts grid
  • Fixed issue with variations with packaging being restricted
  • Added New Quote icon
  • Added hover image to brand slideshow

4.21.4-0 26/May/2021

  • Fetching special price data for variation products will now only load once
  • Added additional validation for text/textarea fields for customer/order/quote attributes
  • Allowed product uploader to ignore skus that don't exist in zoey
  • Made suggested review changes
  • Prevented js error when swapping prices for configurables to allow attribute info to show

4.21.3-0 25/May/2021

  • Updated how has_options is set in the api to avoid mismatched data
  • Updated the Picklist PDF’s to support quotes
  • Fixed issue with buy request not being a variant object
  • Added IDs route for products to differ against mobile store

4.21.2-0 24/May/2021

  • Fixed bug with hover hidden preview swatches where not selectable options would show up on hover
  • Added ability to set PDF location to order attributes
  • Added has_options repair method to product cron
  • Added customer signature to b2b Quote API and admin
  • Added install script for customer signature
  • Added subject overwrite for sendTransactional. Added parent debugLog class to entity mapper to handle sending error email.
  • Added beforeSave function check for entity mappers. Implemented recipient and bcc list from config settings for error log emailing. added error log email fields for netsuite.
  • Added error email logging support for QuickBooks
  • Removed duplicate order eav attribute PDF location option
  • Fixed issue with date custom option in AOC

4.21.1-0 21/May/2021

  • Always unset tracker restricted product ID to prevent infinite looping in functions that may call it again in event based loading/saving
  • Added ability to edit net terms order payment due date
  • Added test case to detect storage infinit loop errors.
  • Restored getRestrictionProductId to what it was on staging originally
  • Always unset restricted product ID as soon as it’s fetched to prevent potential infinite looping
  • Added quote cancellation email that gets sent when the quote status changes to canceled from the FE or the admin

4.21.0-0 19/May/2021

  • Re-added credit memo, refund, and cancel order settings
  • Added bulk customer import.
  • Added settings to sync Zoey invoices to Netsuite
  • Added UI settings for creating zoey invoices when shipments received from Netsuite
  • Added settings to send customer invitation email, settings for limiting auto invoice on shipment to payment method
  • Added last sync date, trigger customer sync, core config get functions
  • Frequency text change for customer import.
  • Added contact field filters UI
  • Added attributes for product restriction overwrite. Added to product edit page b2b card.
  • Added restricted product tracking underlying logic to allow for product to override global config settings
  • Added suggestion and angular multiselect fields.
  • Added sales rep ui fields, added order field mapper. Enhanced entity mapper save configs
  • Change UI column widths.
  • New fieldset added for restrictions on product page. Added backend support for new fieldset.
  • Converted b2b restriction card to fieldset. Add All product restrictions can now be set on product level
  • Refactored and consolidated restriction config code. Added override custom message support, price support, and add to cart support
  • Added test cases for b2b show/hide add to cart buttons.
  • New test case, typo fix, cleanup ajax logic to use shared functions
  • Fixed add to cart not hidden on category pages when global restrictions enabled. Auto hide cart from b2bquote now properly hides in ajax response.
  • Hide product customizations settings implemented on per product level.
  • More code cleanup, more test cases. Prepared for merge.
  • Disabled debug log more
  • Refactor can view add to quote buttons logic to use one shared function that shares logic with the can add to cart function
  • Additional testing and minor fixes for add to cart logic. Fixed bug where order table products that were restricted could be added.
  • Added product behavior overwrite option.
  • Added websiteID 1 when creating test customer. Fixed bug with object storage to be properly detected with no lookup key is provided.
  • Re-added use specs
  • Added new setting to UI only import shipped fulfillments. Location multiselect now uses suggestion
  • Removed commented code not needed
  • Fixed accounts bug where locations and addresses were duplicating due to update data persisting after save
  • Added Send Bill as a payment method
  • Updated API cache limit threshold
  • Added user_agent to order table
  • Added UI elements to allow order creation statuses to only allow certain payment methods to sync the order. Updated multiple quickbooks dropdowns and multiselect to use suggestion and advanced elements
  • Fixed issue with swatch label being cast as int
  • Edited observer key
  • Removed more deprecated function references to can add to cart/quote. Removed unused functions
  • Made sure observer can't fail
  • Update version and compiling
  • Fixed bug with not logged in group not appearing in multiselect if previously selected under old interface. Compiled

4.20.2-0 18/May/2021

  • Added support for mobile source in admin and updating customer signature to upload files to be viewed in admin
  • Updated support for android in mobile app source. updating labels in admin. adding mobile source to grid
  • Fixed shared paypal config settings, express checkout enable and express checkout bml enable not updating correctly
  • Hid packaging prices when not allowed to view

4.20.1-0 17/May/2021

  • Added sales rep data to customers and customer group endpoints
  • Updated min order qty message to include remaining qty needed
  • Updated how b2bquote items are counted
  • Updated messaging to render HTML
  • Fixed b2bquote pdf adding visible in email attributes instead of visible in cart attributes. added pdf to product attribute property label (show on cart, checkout...)

4.20.0-1 17/May/2021

  • Fixed bug where multi address doesn’t use quote item but instead uses quote address item

4.20.0-0 14/May/2021

  • Updated “Editable in the Store Front-end after Submit” and “Visible to only specified customer groups” attribute property labels
  • Added Enable Product Image and Enable Product Price as settings to product components
  • Added tier price upsell message

4.19.7-0 13/May/2021

  • Added enable/disable to email templates
  • Updated the app cookie generator to set more user data. updating the quote/cart convert methods to add sales rep user ids
  • Added quote_edit_after_submit_fe property to quote attribute to enable/disable edit of attribute value after quote submission
  • Added setting “Show Item Subtotal on Quote Submission” to Quotes Settings > Quote Creation to show/hide item subtotal column during quote submission
  • Added customer address Company field to the Customer Information area of AOC/AQC
  • Added “Minicart Item Count Display” setting for quotes in Quotes -> Quote Settings
  • Added quote setting, “Status for New Quote Created by Admin”, to allow different status for new quote created by admin in Quotes -> Quote Settings
  • Added logging for pdf generate exception.
  • Updated email template mailer to skip empty attachments.

4.19.6-0 12/May/2021

  • Adding default date to Order date validation rules to work with min / max buffer
  • Updated quote submission on the FE to revert the submitted quote if exception was thrown
  • Updated Order Attribute empty display value to ‘None’
  • Updating _super_attribute_code import column to allow comma separated values
  • Updated product attribute properties show on cart and show on email to work for Quotes.

4.19.5-0 12/May/2021

  • Updating how messages are removed from quote submit. Making sure to save the quote cart once an item is removed from a Quote
  • Fixing issue with Quotes where variation were not being added to the Quote
  • Added "Login Help Text" setting to Orders > Settings > Billing
  • Fixed js error in Bill Pay page from Login Only when Bill Pay Without Login is enabled

4.19.4-2 10/May/2021

  • Fixing issue where shipping carrier data isn’t set on an Order

4.19.4-3 10/May/2021

  • Support for BillPay without Login when Login Only Access is enabled

4.19.4-0 10/May/2021

  • Fixing issue with totals being collected before product is added
  • Updating messaging on quote submit page to reflect current status of quote
  • Updating auto-ship to allow it to work from any area (web admin, web storefront, mobile, api)
  • Fixing bug with quote email preview
  • Prevented login wall from being hidden by CSS

4.19.3-0 07/May/2021

  • API - Optimizing the customers2/full endpoint to pull 10,000's of customers faster
  • API - Updating product API cache to not make so many calls to the db when pulling product data
  • Adding max-height to images in the shopping cart

4.19.2-0 05/May/2021

  • USER EXPERIENCE UPDATE: Admin Order Create will now ask you to review and confirm product warnings/errors (i.e. min qty not met) before allowing the user to bypass and create the order
  • Fixing issue with quick order when several configurable products are posted and one has 0 qty
  • Fixing issue with single date validation not setting date max properly
  • Fixing order creation so order item comment saves before the email is sent to the customer
  • Fixing issue with Net Terms error not properly throwing a message

4.19.1-0 04/May/2021

  • In Settings > Method Restrictions - Adding the ability to set a Payment or Shipping method to be Admin or Mobile App Only (for iOS/Android Apps)

4.19.0-0 03/May/2021

  • New Feature: Auto-Ship setting for FlatRate Shipping - Allows a Flat Rate shipping method to auto-ship an order when it's placed - this is useful for POS/Mobile Sales where items are hand-delivered at the time the order is placed.
  • Adding support for caching large catalog to store in db so Mobile App catalog load will be faster.
  • API - Adding endpoints for get/email/print for bill, invoice, shipment
  • Updated audit log to use attribute code for label when frontend label is not set on the attribute
  • API - Added missing product option properties to options api
  • Updating import behavior option labels and adding tooltip