3.85.0-0 28/May/2020

  • Improvement - FN & LN customer attributes can now be modified in Customers > Attributes and set to not required.

3.84.0-0 28/May/2020

New Feature: Settings > Emails

Settings > Emails is a central location for managing all Email Templates and Settings for your store. You can edit:

  • Email Logo
  • "From" Email Addresses
  • Email Header/Footers
  • Customer Email Notifications (Welcome email, contact form etc...)
  • Order Email Notifications (New Order, Shipment etc...)
  • Quote Email Notifications (New Quote, Quote Update etc...)
  • Product Email Notifications (Gift Cards etc...)
  • Blog Email Notifications (New Comments etc...)
    Other features include:
  • Adding BCC Emails to each notification
  • Adding "Variable" information from an order, customer or store (like Customer Name, or Order Number)
  • Creating Email Templates for different customer groups
  • Translating Emails
  • Preview
  • Sending a Test Email

3.83.0-0 26/May/2020

New Feature: Quantity Packaging
Packaging allows your customers to purchase products in "Package Increments" like 1 Case which actually translates to 16 units. Decimal Quantity allows the item to be purchased in decimal qty like 0.25 etc...
Learn More Here

New Feature: Zoey Web Account Management
Selling to Accounts versus direct to consumer means there may be several customers that need access to submit orders for the same account. The new Zoey Web Portal Account Manager screen allows an "Account Owner" to be given access to invite cutovers to their account as well as managing the Account's Address Book and Locations.
Start by inviting the Account Owner to log-in to the Zoey Web portal and configure their Account Owner Settings.
Once logged in, the Account Owner can navigate to the Account Manager screen, invite users, add addresses and locations and select pre-defined roles and permissions for their users.

  • Improvement - New setting added allows you to move "Company Name to be above the Name Fields

3.82.0-0 19/May/2020

New Feature: Tier Pricing Groups
This feature allows the quantities of products in the same "Tier Pricing Group" to be combined in the cart to offer each product's tier pricing steps.
Learn More Here

iOS v1.1 - 14/May/2020


Zoey iOS App is Live


or go to the Apple App Store and search for "Zoey B2B"

The Zoey iOS app works hand in hand with your Zoey B2B eCommerce and order management solutions, allowing you to:

  • see the same product and customer information as is captured in your Zoey system
  • see product images, customer-specific pricing, and other helpful information to reviewing products for purchase
  • capture orders for customers while on-site, at trade shows, and any other places you have your iOS device
  • work offline when internet access is unavailable
  • sync orders to Zoey/product and customer information to your app
  • Zoey's iOS app is designed for your team to be able to work anytime, anywhere, and ensure that sales are maximized and efficient. Avoid data entry errors, inefficient phone/email orders or taking orders on paper, etc...

You can download the iOS App directly from the Apple App Store. In order to login to the App you will need to be on a Subscription Plan which supports this feature. Click here to learn how to enable Staff Accounts to be able to login to the iOS App . For questions regarding the iOS App please click here to open a ticket

3.81.0-0 11/May/2020

New Feature: Sales Reps Email Settings
Set-up your store Order and Sales Quote Emails to be sent FROM the customer account's Sales Rep. You can also BCC the Sales Rep on all Order and Quote emails from their associated customer accounts. Located in Setup > Emails, select an email (like New Order), then set the Email Sender to "Sales Rep(s)" and enable "Send Copy To Sales Rep(s)"

3.80.0-0 06/May/2020

New Feature: New Setup > Emails:: Notification and Template Manager
You can set up your store email addresses, create and customize your email templates, and manage all email notification settings from within Set-up > Emails. Learn More Here

What's new:

  • WYSIWYG for editing Email Templates

  • Create different Templates for different Customer Groups

  • Translate your emails for multiple store languages easier than ever

  • All email templates and settings are contained in Setup > Emails

  • Live Preview shows what the email is actually going to look like in the customer's inbox

  • Send Test Email allows you to send a test email to any email address including services like litmus.com

  • Ability to edit your email Header/Footer (or have a unique email header/footer for different customer groups.)

  • Improvement - New Report in Analytics > Reports > Products > By Category: Run a report to see sales of specific products within a certain category for a specified date range.

  • Improvement - New Report in Analytics > Reports > Products > Product Totals: Run a report to see sales of all products within a specified date range.

3.79.0-0 04/May/2020

New Feature: Company Net Terms
You can now enable Net Terms for your Companies and Locations.