3.6.8-0 29/May/2019

  • Fix - Apply Final Price Only to Search Results

3.6.7-0 29/May/2019

  • Fix - Advanced Search Filter - auto jump to next selection
  • Fix - Category Restriction not rendering body

3.6.6-0 28/May/2019

  • Fix - Advanced Search does not say attribute code
  • Fix - Remove Decimal Points from Product Attribute
  • Fix - Adding Fulfillment date order attribute to Pick List PDFs
  • Fix - Create New Order - Customer Attribute Dropdown Breaks Form
  • Fix - Customer Attribute - Add to View Order Screen and Order Grid as Column
  • Fix - Blog Category Page Title Duplicated
  • Fix - Prevent attribute codes from ending in space
  • Fix - Duplicating Attachments does not save

3.6.5-0 23/May/2019

  • Improvement - Adding Fulfillment date order attribute to Pick List PDFs
  • Fix - Remove Decimal Points from Product Attribute

3.6.4-0 22/May/2019

  • Improvement - Add City to Shopping Cart Tax/Shipping Estimator for Accurate Tax Lookup
  • Fix - Setup->emails->contact us emails not respecting commas
  • Fix - Quotes sending emails to all Sales Reps when NOT LOGGED IN submits a quote

3.6.3-0 21/May/2019

  • Fix - Adding Quote Only items to the cart
  • Fix - Discount highest price item
  • Fix - Add to Cart button is not showing for Related Products
  • Fix - Ampersand Appears Broken on Customer List Grid
  • Fix - Small improvements to blog for mobile
  • Fix - Remove Decimal Points from Product Attribute

3.6.2-0 20/May/2019

  • Improvement - Sticky Header - Search Bar Enhancement: Auto set cursor to search bar.
  • Fix - Can't edit cart quantities to fractions on the cart page

3.6.1-0 17/May/2019

  • Fix - My Account Links - My Orders not lined up
  • Fix - Availability styling not working
  • Fix - B2B - Configurable Product, Price Type=Fixed - Shows Starting From
  • Fix - Places Different Image On Save - after duplicating product
  • Fix - Blog Breadcrumbs not working

3.6.0-0 16/May/2019

Filter Orders By Backorder
Ability to filter Orders by those with Backordered Products. You can also create a new Tab to segment your orders to show only those with backordered products.

  • Feature - Third Party: Shipstation - Add Order Attributes
  • Fix - Unable to translate Order Summary (%s %s)
  • Fix - Restricted Payment Method: PayPal Express Buttons still show
  • Fix - Configurable Product not showing QTY when using Table View
  • Fix - Availability styling not working

3.5.0-0 10/May/2019

  • Feature - Ability to set custom Order, Invoice, Shipment, and Credit Memo Prefix and Starting Order # per customer group.
  • Feature - Edit My Design > My Account - ability to configure the Order/Quote list columns

3.4.0-0 9/May/2019

Amazon Payments Updates

  • Added "Tokenization" to remember payment options used in your checkout
  • Ability to add Amazon Payments to the Payment Method step of the checkout

3.3.0-0 8/May/2019

  • Feature - Ability to Edit Custom Order Attributes on the Order View Screen
  • Improvement - Added "Company Name" to the CSV Order Export

3.2.0-0 7/May/2019

  • Feature - Ability to select Customer Tax Class when creating Orders and Quotes
  • Feature - Aftership App now adds Track Order button to the customer my account View Order page.

3.1.0-0 6/May/2019

Reviews Interface Design Update
Anyone who is using the default Zoey Reviews block on their product page has received an update to the design of the reviews interface. It features a new clearer star rating, easier review and rating form, Review sort by newest, high to low, low to high and more control over the look & feel.

New Stripe Payments App With Apple Pay
We've updated the Stripe Payments app Available Here to use their latest PCI DSS v3.2 Security, Stripe Elements, and Apple Pay!