2.1.10-0 30/May/2018

  • Improvement - Quantity Totals in Invoice/Shipment/Credit Memos PDF can now be enabled via Orders->Settings
  • Improvement - Show/Hide "Tax" Column in Invoice/Shipment/Credit Memos PDF can now be modified via Orders->Settings
  • Fix - Switch Stores on smaller monitors can now scroll
  • Fix - Blog posts said Category was "0" instead of actual value
  • Fix - Related Products "Below Product Name" was not displaying below the Product Name
  • Fix - Quantity in Category Page not always respecting how much to add to cart

2.1.9-0 29/May/2018

2.1.8-0 26/May/2018

  • Improvement - Added paragraph text align option to the Info Banner block design
  • Improvement - Blog Feed Block now has text align control

2.1.7-0 18/May/2018

  • Improvement - Out of Stock Variations can now be shown. You can enable this via Product->Settings
  • Improvement - YouTube videos now have an option to not play related videos at the end
  • Improvement - Admin messages were moved to the top of the screen instead of the bottom
  • Improvement - A default option can now be set in Customizations for Drop Downs, Radio and Checkbox options

2.1.6-0 17/May/2018

  • Improvement - New Design Center Component! Information Banner With Ability to Add Columns
  • Improvement - Image Gallery now has the option to have text below the image
  • Improvement - The default administration messaging has been moved to the top to be more visible
  • Improvement - Advanced Quick Order can now be placed on the Homepage
  • Fix - Deleting an image when still associated as a main image in a different locale will produce a more verbose error message
  • Fix - B2B Product Restrictions still take effect even when restriction is disabled

2.1.5-0 15/May/2018

  • Improvement - Product Slider can now be set to multiple rows
  • Fix - "Click Image to Enlarge" will always appear now
  • Fix - Cannot put an anchor link in as a URL
  • Fix - Subcategory Block did not always redirect to the right URL if the Category was set to use an External URL

2.1.4-0 08/May/2018

  • Improvement - Product->Settings->Import/Export now lets you choose to only show the Customization SKU instead of the full SKU of the Product + Customization in the Order Export
  • Improvement - Customize Tooltip is now possible in Customizations
  • Improvement - Customer Export now contains the "Last Logged In" column
  • Improvement - "Show All" has been deprecated in favor of AJAX Scrolling https://support.zoey.com/docs/enable-category-products-ajax-lazy-load
  • Fix - Product Slider showed $0 and no products if it was all Virtual Products
  • Fix - Under certain B2B Conditions Category Filters would show a count of 1 product no matter what
  • Fix - Images were not always showing up in transactional emails for Invoices

2.1.3-0 08/May/2018

  • Improvement - Product Reviews now have pagination
  • Improvement - Category Images now have the option for Auto Height
  • Improvement - New Category Image Block that allows you to set a background image
  • Fix - Mailchimp Modal sometimes did not load properly

2.1.2-0 06/May/2018

  • Improvement - Third level subcategories can now be shown in the sidebar
  • Improvement - Product Attribute Group Block can now specify which attributes to show
  • Improvement - Allow for disabling cart in mobile header templates
  • Improvement - Product Reviews can now be set to enable/disable guest reviews
  • Improvement - File Manager error messaging user experience
  • Improvement - Mailchimp upgraded to Version 1.1.11

2.1.1-2 03/May/2018

Internal release, no notes

2.1.1-1 02/May/2018

  • Fix - Verbiage for "Per Item Charge" still showed if it was disabled

2.1.1-0 02/May/2018

Internal release, no notes

2.1.0-0 02/May/2018

  • Improvement - Wishlists can now be set that when a product is added to the cart it is not removed from the wishlist
  • Improvement - Customizations can now have tooltips added to them
  • Improvement - Glew.io Analytics Launches

2.0.51-0 01/May/2018

  • Improvement - One Time Charges for Customizations can now be exempt from Tax
  • Improvement - Grouped Product Minimum can now be calculated via the sum of the items quantities or their individual quantities. This setting can be changed within Product->Settings->Inventory->+Advanced Inventory Options
  • Fix - Setting zoey_default_variation via CSV is fixed