4.17.5-0 31/Mar/2021

  • New Feature: Begin Net X after shipping and hold credit on all open orders
  • fixed disable netterms when orders are past due - past due day limit config setting calculation
  • fixing issue with packaging including duplicate render after ajax update in product list, configuration not working after ajax update in product view.
  • adding support for tier pricing and when qty increment is 1

4.17.4-0 30/Mar/2021

  • New Feature: Ability to preview an Email Template using a selected Order, Quote or Customer
  • New Feature: New Order Attribute "File Upload" type
  • New Feature: New Order Attribute field logic and dependencies to include attributes when specific payment/shipping methods are selected, or when other attributes are set.
  • Removing weight config setting from product list and essentials components
  • Adding split_quote_address_id to be used with Avalara when getting rates
  • Forced hide swatches link x which doesn't appear to be used
  • adding tooltip to item weight config setting

4.17.2-0 26/Mar/2021

  • updating next/previous to by cyclical and start at proper index. also account for gallery thumbnails
  • updating shipping emails to allow include order pdf

4.17.1-0 25/Mar/2021

  • Adding quote support to wishlist.
  • Fixed restricted product prices staying hidden in customer account pages
  • Adding api support for send bill, notify on cart convert, order change customer
  • Adding support for previous/next in product media when enlarged.

4.17.0-0 24/Mar/2021

  • New Feature: Ability for each product to have multiple packaging options (i.e. Case or Pallet)
  • New Feature: Packaging now works with Configurable Products

4.16.19-0 23/Mar/2021

  • Fixed quick order > add new row appending preconfigured item row instead of an empty configurable row
  • Fixed issue with Quote convert related to un-configured configurable products.

4.16.18-0 22/Mar/2021

  • Fixing issue with configure design template layout
  • NetSuite Integration: Added import Cost field

4.16.17-0 22/Mar/2021

  • Fixed Quote settings not respecting variation settings in certain conditions.

4.16.16-0 19/Mar/2021

  • Updated admin getJsonConfigAction to set skipSaleableCheck flag to always allow oos product configuration

4.16.14-0 18/Mar/2021

  • Fixed bugs with time and datetime attribute autopopulating in admin only edit. editing time and datetime attributes now render proper element to edit.
  • Google Sheets Integration: Making edits to error messages, allowing ux to auto trigger login when reauth is needed, updating logger interface to test/run based on fieldset data, updating logs to incorporate import state, adding log file delete when import model is deleted.
  • Updating ux when order/quote analytics doesn’t have the correct conversion rate to convert to base currency.

4.16.13-0 17/Mar/2021

  • Added warning message to Settings > Shipping Methods > Flat Rate to alert admin user if the method is restricted to specific Accounts or Customer Groups.
  • Fixed shipping amount being 0 when bill email is sent from created bill due to invoice being created twice and shipping result being cached.
  • Added tooltip to Display Out of Stock Products config setting to tell user that this only impacts OOS products showing in Categories.
  • NetSuite Integration: Added NetSuite payment method mapping fields
  • Auto add to cart rule id now uses store id from quote for product loads. Added check to remove items automatically added to Admin Order Create when conditions are no longer met.

4.16.12-0 16/Mar/2021

  • Updated bill pay and bill email items and totals to resemble checkout and other sales totals
  • Updated bill pay/bill email to include $0 shipping if bill config was not set to skip shipping. fixed base total due value showing 0 if base_total_value is null on the order. updated bill pay/bill email spacing after subtotal to be the same with or without shipping total

4.16.11-0 15/Mar/2021

  • Fixed convertToUtf breaking Russian characters due to it using utf8_encode which only works for ISO-8859-1 characters. Refactored designcenter helper convertToUtf method to use zoey util helper method of the same name as zoey util method is a duplicate of the designcenter method (designcenter method now deprecated)
  • Updated invoicing bill pdf to include shipping, payment information, comments, giftmessage, etc Updated order pdf item style to match other sales entity pdf
  • Added ability to translate net term status.
  • Updated quotes grid default sort order to updated_at:desc fixed cached pagination being reset in ui after load though query is set correctly
  • Removed loader flicker caused by B2bQuotesStatusRendererHelper making blocking request

4.16.10-0 12/Mar/2021

  • Added a more descriptive error message when a Quote is invalid in Quote Convert to Order
  • Updated Bill templates to only show items being billed (items with qty > 0)
  • Fixed bill pay payment method validation using the wrong quote value
  • Updated customer order view item to show invoiced qty

4.16.9-0 11/Mar/2021

  • Added price wrapper class to Admin Quotes form to allow restricted price logic to work.
  • Fixing issue with date conversion
  • Updated guest order can send bill error message to be more detailed
  • Updated product attribute refresh notice to only show one at a time and auto disappear after 6 seconds
  • Added ability to add multiple comma separated attribute options/values
  • Added event t to allow new customer tabs to be added in admin.

4.16.8-0 10/Mar/2021

  • Fixed product list swatch "hide disabled variations" setting not working on Category Products list
  • Added force logout capability to customer edit page in the admin
  • Added cron to force log out customers with expired password
  • Added setting to toggle using variation description.
  • Added created from quote information to api response.
  • Fixed convert quote to order not applying customer grouped product tier price
  • Users that fail to load from API server will be flagged to not try again during the same process.

4.16.7-0 09/Mar/2021

  • Fixed zero total check failing when sending bill
  • Updated product list swatch to hide disabled variations even when "show oos variation" is enabled
  • Added error detail to bill send mass action error message

4.16.6-0 08/Mar/2021

  • New Feature: Added setting to expire customer passwords after X days, which on login checks if the customer's password has expired and, if it has, sends a Reset Password Email
  • Added bill pdf template setting and classic bill pdf template
  • Added setting to show swatches for missing variations

4.16.5-0 05/Mar/2021

  • Added new company role permission for bill email added bill pdf, setting to include it in send bill email Added unpaid bill and print bill pdf to FE order view page
  • Updated invoice total due in pdf to show grand total if not paid to show correct due value
  • Updated bill email print link to print bill pdf instead of order pdf

4.16.4-0 04/Mar/2021

  • Fixed group product min qty price not displaying correctly in catalog page when display tax setting is enabled
  • Fixing preview not updating subject before save
  • Adding order attribute location that doesn’t show up in checkout but is only editable after order is placed
  • Fixed group restricted tier pricing not being applied correctly in the admin

4.16.3-0 03/Mar/2021

  • Adding ability to edit Customer Account Dashboard Net Term Order columns
  • Adding copy links for sku / url to product editor
  • Adding "Create Quote" button to customer crud in admin
  • Added customer attribute zoey_has_placed_order that can be used in customer sales rule conditions
  • Added paginations and loaders to Products > Attributes to improve performance
  • Added tooltip for company role permission: receive emails for account orders

4.16.2-0 02/Mar/2021

  • Fixing issue when editing an address that customerAddressId is still saved so it will sync back to the customer address
  • Allow currency and language restriction for not logged in customer group
  • Ability to allow product attribute sorting by Numeric vs. Alpha in Products > Attributes
  • Fixed orders grid mass action Send Bill caching previous order/invoice reference for rendering
  • Updating default product sort for products list from category design block
  • Quickbooks Online Update: Ability to map a product attribute to be added as the description on the Quickbooks Invoice.

4.16.1-0 01/Mar/2021

  • Updating new ios version. fixing update recommended message
  • Updating category list design block to allow full collapse on mobile under a single text trigger
  • Disabling Post Affiliate Pro app