3.71.0-0 23/Mar/2020

  • Improvement - New setting in VDE on Header Navigation (Horizontal only) to sort categories vertically or horizontally.
  • Improvement - Ability to quickly remove invisible and out of stock products from categories

3.70.0-0 20/Mar/2020

  • Improvement - All Multi-select fields are now using the Search & Tag interface making it easier and faster to select items from large lists.
  • Improvement - Setup > Checkout Settings > Show Total Weight now appearing in Admin Orders and Quotes

3.69.0-0 17/Mar/2020

  • Improvement - Customers > Edit - New button added to send the customer an email with a link to reset their password.
  • Improvement - Orders > Attributes > Date Type attribute - ability to set Validation Rules per customer group.

3.68.0-0 09/Mar/2020

New Feature: Net Payment Terms
On a per customer/account basis, you can set Net Terms offered for that buyer. Once enabled you can set time limits, credit limits, and put customized language in the checkout to help an account remember what is specifically allowed. Learn More about Net Terms