2.45.0-0 28/Mar/2019

  • Improvement - Quantity boxes change from text to number for browser +- arrows
  • Improvement - Admin Menu Change - Added: Quotes > Create New Quote direct link
  • Fix - Compare visually broken - and compare for grouped products?
  • Fix - Product page bundle items - Qty shows 0 on page load
  • Fix - Product page bundle items - related produces show $0
  • Fix - New Order Form Address Field Refresh
  • Fix - Customer "Pending Aproval" filters are not working
  • Fix - Header Navigation: click twice issue when click to expand is enabled
  • Fix - Bundle Products show Stock 0 in Admin Order Create
  • Fix - Quote - incorrect totals calculation
  • Fix - Quote - Title missing from breadcrumbs
  • Fix - Category - Redirect to external URL does not 301 the original category URL
  • Fix - Order page button overlap
  • Fix - Category price display bug

2.44.0-0 22/Mar/2019

  • Feature - Customer Registration Terms and Conditions - From Customers > Agreements you can now add a Terms & Conditions agreement for Customer Registration. You can also require a signature to register for an account. Learn More Here
  • Feature - "Read More" feature added to Product, Category & Blog WYSIWYG Editor - The "Read More" button has been added to the WYSIWYG for Products, Categories, and Blog.
  • Feature - "Cost" Attribute added to Product List Columns, Bulk Edit, and Inline Edit

2.43.0-0 19/Mar/2019

  • Feature - Pick List Items - Print a Pick-List for multiple orders and group the Order Items by Product Attribute (like SKU or BIN #) or by Order Attribute (like Shipping Method). Learn More Here

2.42.0-0 12/Mar/2019

  • Feature - Quotes and Orders can now have Sales Reps (Staff Accounts that are flagged as Sales Representatives) assigned to them! Learn more at https://support.zoey.com/v1.0/docs/sales-rep-overview
  • Feature - Customer Group: Customizations - Customizations now support pricing per Customer Group! You can enable this feature under Product->Settings->Customizations->Enable Option Customer Group and set that to Yes. You can then go to a Product and go to the Customizations tab and add any Customer Group Pricing that you need.
  • Feature - Product Grid - Import/Export - You can now directly Export from the Product Grid by going to Products->Product List selecting Products and clicking on Bulk Actions. You can also Import directly by clicking on the Import icon
  • Feature - VDE: New Informational Banner
  • Feature - Product -> Attributes | Limit to Category DC Template / Category
  • Feature - Admin Order Create - Extend GA to capture revenue
  • Fix - Abandoned Cart Filters in Grid do not load correctly
  • Fix - Downloadable Products show View Details button and not Add To Cart button
  • Fix - Mini cart changes the order of product options
  • Fix - Checkout Address Validation error not displaying in certain circumstances
  • Fix - Product List does not load in certain circumstances
  • Fix - Account Button Alignment in FF & Safari
  • Fix - B2B Setting hides options when it shouldn't
  • Fix - Search Results page not showing SKU if no other attributes were indexed
  • Fix - Add proper redirects to B2B restricted links when logging in
  • Fix - Admin Order Create - Custom Options Not Staying
  • Fix - Admin Order Create - Cannot change price/qty if filter