2.0.39-0 30/Mar/2018

  • Fix - Design Center was not saving properly

2.0.38-0 30/Mar/2018

  • Improvement - Added a setting to turn on/off the "One time charge" labels in Products->Settings under Custom Options
  • Fix - View Template As was not refreshing the page content from the selected product or category
  • Fix - Customer Account & Cart on Mobile screens was sometimes cut off
  • Fix - API Configuration Screen would not load fully if logged in as a Secondary User
  • Fix - Santi Sticky Header scroll on search page breaks
  • Fix - Default text was getting passed when clicking search icon if nothing else was typed
  • Fix - Scrolling would jump up under certain circumstances
  • Fix - Image Slideshow switching views did not adjust the height of the images
  • Fix - Uploaded fonts will now render properly
  • Fix - Multi-select Customer Attributes could cause an error when creating a New Order in the Admin

2.0.37-0 28/Mar/2018

  • Fix - Importing SKU,QTY deleted the Short Description field. This was only present in multi-language configurations not using Data Flow for import
  • Fix - Blog Sitemap did not render all HREF Lang URLs correctly
  • Fix - Category Products loaded via AJAX (Infinite Scroll) did not have the proper Out of Stock messages showing
  • Fix - Category Product List if there was only one row had inconsistent spacing
  • Fix - Logo Size Settings Issue
  • Fix - Santi Theme Header had a sub-menu background color issue thats resolved

2.0.36-0 28/Mar/2018

  • Fix - Blog Post Date/Time not always rendering correctly
  • Fix - Customer Account & Cart on Mobile issues have been resolved
  • Fix - Tablet Layout - Footer was cut in half on display
  • Fix - Product Essentials Block - Availability Color was not changing

2.0.35-0 27/Mar/2018

  • Improvement - Changing Variation Images can now be done as a Dropdown or Swatches. Enable the swatches feature, assign the variation images but do not select that attribute as a selected value in Product->Settings->"Product Attributes to Show as Swatches in Product Detail". When picking an option in the drop down the image will change.
  • Fix - Various fixes for the Visual Design Editor

2.0.33-0 & 2.0.34-0 23/Mar/2018

  • Improvement - Product Custom Options can now have a "Weight" associated to them which will add to the defined Product Weight enabling for finer shipping settings. Enable in Product->Settings->Custom Options
  • Fix - If Terms and Conditions were enabled and PayPal Express was used sometimes a checkout would fail, this has been corrected
  • Fix - Various fixes for the Visual Design Editor

2.0.32-0 22/Mar/2018

  • Fix - Recommended/Upsell Products were sometimes not showing up, this has been corrected
  • Fix - Various fixes for the Visual Design Editor

2.0.31-0 22/Mar/2018

  • Fix - Sessions were sometimes getting invalidated logging you out of the admin, this has been corrected
  • Fix - Various fixes for the Visual Design Editor

2.0.30-0 21/Mar/2018

  • Fix - Placeholder Image will now be used properly in the Search Results. Please note you need to re-upload your Placeholder Image for this to work properly
  • Fix - Various fixes for the Visual Design Editor

2.0.29-0 17/Mar/2018

  • Improvement - Javascript Variables now allow for dynamic information to be used on Product and Category Pages! Learn more at https://support.zoey.com/docs/product-page-variables-for-javascript
  • Improvement - If a Product Attribute is set to "Show Attribute in Cart" it will now appear properly on the Mini Cart, Cart, Order Success Page, Emails and PDFs
  • Improvement - Subcategory List Placeholder Image is now available within Product->Settings
  • Fix - Homepage Carousel jumping when scrolling
  • Fix - Disabling Blog Comments still showed "0 comments"
  • Fix - Customer Screen in the Zoey Admin did not always show the name of the Customer.
  • Fix - Various fixes for the Visual Design Editor

2.0.28-1 15/Mar/2018

  • Fix - Credit Memo Totals were not always updating correctly

2.0.28-0 13/Mar/2018

  • Fix - Category Data was not always displaying correctly in the Visual Design Editor - it was fine on the Front End but made it difficult to use in the Editor
  • Fix - Visual Design Editor will now render assets in the background for slightly faster load times
  • Fix - Various fixes for the Visual Design Editor

2.0.27-0 12/Mar/2018

  • Improvement - WYSIWYG Editors now have "Full Screen" button throughout the Zoey Admin
  • Fix - Various fixes for the Visual Design Editor

2.0.26-0 09/Mar/2018

Internal Release, no notes.

2.0.25-0 09/Mar/2018

  • Improvement - Duplicating a block in the Visual Design Editor will now retain its position
  • Improvement - New column in the sales_order.info APIi which now has product_options in JSON format for easier parsing

2.0.24-0 08/Mar/2018

  • Fix - Sometimes the navigation would be hidden behind the footer
  • Fix - Featured/New Products Block sometimes disappeared
  • Fix - Disabling Related Videos for Embedding YouTube Videos
  • Fix - Asset Manager, adding a new asset could have deleted other assets
  • Fix - Product List 'Visible' Quantity was incorrect

2.0.23-0 07/Mar/2018

  • Improvement - PayPal/Amazon buy buttons are now localized to the store language.
  • Improvement - You can now set Customizations to be charged per product and not per quantity. Within the Customization section of a Product you can set the "Fixed Price Qty" to Yes which means that the Customization will be charged once, regardless of the quantity in the cart.

Implementing this feature has caused some changes to the default display of Customizations within the product page, mini cart, cart, checkout, order success page, order/invoice/credit memo screens & PDFs and emails. In addition new fields have been implemented in the CSV/API to import this setting and export the data generated from it. For full feature information click here.

  • Fix - AffiliatePro (Third Party App) integration has been completed for Visual Design Editor v2
  • Fix - Subscribe Pro (Third Party App) was sometimes clearing out other links in the My Account section
  • Fix - Affirm (Third Party App) Uncaught ReferenceError: AFFIRM_AFFIRM has been resolved
  • Fix - Mini Cart button breaks with long text
  • Fix - Within the Manage Products in Categories toggling the Visibility on/off caused a different sort order of Products which made it not possible to properly organize for viewing on the front end. This has been resolved
  • Fix - Sticky Header mini-cart was not always updating the correct number of items on page load and would only update after adding to cart
  • Fix - If you had a Slider sometimes the transition of the slide would cause the browser to scroll to the top of the page, this has been fixed.

2.0.22-0 06/Mar/2018

  • Improvement - Website Logo will now take you to the homepage of the locale instead of the base URL
  • Improvement - Amazon Payments Button now centered in the mini cart
  • Fix - Mobile Mini-Cart Fixed
  • Fix - Blog Title Filtering Error Resolved
  • Fix - New Product Block - issue with # of Products and incorrect product showing

2.0.21-0 02/Mar/2018

  • Fix - Uploaded Font Not Working on iOS Devices
  • Fix - B2B with Full Access Restrictions caused an issue for some Apps from loading

2.0.20-0 02/Mar/2018

  • Fix - Theme installation did not always work properly

2.0.19-0 02/Mar/2018

  • Fix - Checkout/Password Fields will no longer force text transform to uppercase
  • Fix - Featured/New Products sometimes disappeared, this should now be resolved
  • Fix - HTML Blocks in the Visual Design Editor will be outlined with their name for easier spotting on the page
  • Fix - My Account Recent Order Gear Icons were overlapping
  • Fix - Error in File Manager when sorting
  • Fix - Recent Blog Post alignment
  • Fix - 2-Image Gallery Mobile Collapse Setting Not Working

2.0.18-0 01/Mar/2018

  • Improvement - "Saved Changes May Not Show for 5 Minutes" will now only display once instead of stacking endlessly.
  • Improvement - PayPal can now be localized by switching Store Scope and changing the value of the Title.
  • Fix - Asset Manager Asset Deletion did not always work
  • Fix - "Be First To Review" was broken in Quickview
  • Fix - "Be First To Review" was sometimes showing incorrectly
  • Fix - Moving a Full Width Wrapper made it disappear
  • Fix - Duplicate URL issues resolved
  • Fix - Cart Item Number resolved
  • Fix - Tabs->Set Active Tab now works
  • Fix - Strip wrappers can't remove full with resolved