4.22.24-0 30/June/2021

  • Fixed event issues with product alert when hitting enter to submit
  • Updated company total_sales to calculate on grand_total - refund rather than paid_total of completed orders
  • Reverted configurable is salable check in alert emails

4.22.23-0 29/June/2021

  • Made updates to price/stock notifications
  • Added customer attributes to webhook
  • Fixed issue with falsey values not being set

4.22.22-0 28/June/2021

  • Added email identity setting to webhooks
  • Added customer store credit csv import
  • Added CSV as format for webhooks
  • Added ability to manually set NetSuite customer ID on accounts.
  • Added event dispatch when loading company in admin.
  • Added firstname and lastname to API store config address attributes
  • Fixed issue where qty data doesn't set on certain update events

4.22.21-0 28/June/2021

  • Fixed bug where group qty increments aren’t being uploaded
  • Added child_product_ids to product collection endpoint

4.22.20-0 24/June/2021

  • Added order status/state endpoints and shipment get all
  • Added shipment_id
  • Added tax code mapping for all rates and for surcharge item.

4.22.19-0 23/June/2021

  • Updated invoicing pay error message to return bill already paid message instead of bill is invalid if bill is paid
  • Updated logged out bill pay success to not redirect.
  • Added child_ids to product API get, adding count endpoint to get total count based on filters
  • Added store address to store2/config API endpoint

4.22.18-0 22/June/2021

  • Fixed customer company/location product restriction query
  • Added order_notification_emails attribute to customer attribute grid

4.22.17-1 22/June/2021

  • Fixed issues with older deprecated product lists not showing some information

4.22.17-0 21/June/2021

  • Fixed saving empty customer sales rep value reverting to previously saved value
  • Fixed issue with customer email not sending and adding unit test to check enabled flag

4.22.16-1 21/June/2021

  • Checked gallery image uses current products image and not variation image for hover

4.22.16-0 18/June/2021

  • Added Return To Orders List checkbox for invoice
  • Fixed tab component script bug where clicking on any child element with data-uid would cause tab to be hidden if data-uid property does not match a tab

4.22.15-0 17/June/2021

  • Added customer display name fallback UIi fields. Added settings to specify a QuickBooks service item for surcharges.

4.22.14-0 17/June/2021

  • Fixed issue where address items are cached before product is added/removed causing wrong totals to be calculated
  • Added config path to rounding setting
  • Added support for minicart to use exclude from checkout currency setting
  • Fixed issue with FF slideshow flickering during animation
  • Added hover image holepunch fix for related products
  • Added attribute label to product list component attributes setting
  • If downloadable link is expired then show the order status instead
  • Made hover effect always on for mobile
  • Added layout name in asset manager label
  • Added order account logic for field mapper

4.22.13-0 16/June/ 2021

  • Ensured access and action permissions are always an array
  • Fixed issue with editing configurable table packaged products
  • Fixed customer order_notification_emails import invalid value error
  • Updated bill pay success redirect to the homepage for logged out users
  • Added Show Product Name and Show Product Name Column (Table) settings to Product List Components
  • Updated packaging hide price setting to account for returning truthy string

4.22.12-0 15/June/ 2021

  • Added beforeToolUpdate method to component models, filtinger height elements by only those which are visible, fixed some is FullWidth properties in builder model, removed full width restriction from slideshow
  • Added attributes to related products component
  • Added flag to not set auto invoicing email to customer
  • Added location id to account edit locations grid and locations list grid.
  • Added tooltips to authorize.net cim to explain that cim only works for logged in users.
  • Fixed issue where qty isn’t available when updating configurable product
  • Added setting for PDF force text wrap

4.22.11-0 14/June/ 2021

  • Added email setting to force send new order email to bcc/cc emails even if customer isn't notified.
  • Updated pdf styles to not allow an item column to be larger than 400px
  • Added location data to sales quote/order/b2bquote tables
  • Updated wishlist to allow existing comment to be deleted
  • Added invoice, shipment, creditmemo dates to full order export
  • Added hover image to page to load immediately and adding support for ajax product list
  • Renamed location to geolocation
  • Fixed issue with custom price logic affecting incl tax orders when reordering
  • Removed merge conflict
  • Added netsuite ui fields for skipping inventory sync. Updated sales order field mapping to allow for custom values.

4.22.10-0 11/June/ 2021

  • Added word-break property to pdf items table
  • Updated how new order recipient works to avoid changing customer data
  • Handed file cache in pix uploader
  • Refactored product grid import and adding it to empty products grid page
  • Added the Romainian flag to the header essentials component

4.22.9-0 10/June/ 2021

  • Fixed store credit refund option showing for guest orders. Updated refund invoice list to include all invoices not fully refunded so a refunded invoice can be used again for another refund

4.22.8-0 10/June/ 2021

  • Added ignore from min qty/amount setting to products
  • Updated layout module to set messages position

4.22.7-0 9/June/ 2021

  • Added hover to product list images
  • Added width to pdf images that aren’t resized by filestack
  • Uncommented import credit memos button
  • Fixed issue where store credit check function for company orders returns null when object expected
  • Added account select for ns credit memo refund
  • Added klevu sync log flag
  • Added user interface to only invoice when order is shipped, to specify NetSuite invoice statuses for create and bill invoices. Added payment method used to pay bill to event dispatch

4.22.6-0 7/June/ 2021

  • Added admin feature permission to limit creation of new orders
  • Updated packaging to put qty inline with package data. Edited packaging styles
  • Added version support to permissions and role permissions. Updated action permission check for can create new order to check if permission is the right version so old users can continue creating new orders
  • Added mobile image and disable on mobile settings to image only slideshow
  • Added email setting to force send new order email to bcc/cc emails even if the customer isn’t notified
  • Added cybersource support to bill pay and quote convert
  • Added sales reps to sales pdfs

4.22.5-0 4/June/ 2021

  • Fixed disabled product swatches showing
  • Fixed issues when editing an order preventing sales rep, date, and custom price from carrying over

4.22.4-0 3/June/ 2021

  • Added admin feature access permission to bypass net terms credit limit when placing order from the admin.
  • Updated DC styles
  • Fixed issue with images when setting max width
  • Added quote total calc and save on submit layout load
  • Added bypass net terms credit limit permission support for dev env

4.22.3-0 2/June/ 2021

  • Updated ordereav to set custom attributes to quote and create session when editing an order
  • Added updated_at and created_at as product list attributes so filtering will work on updated_at
  • Prevented order attribute checkbox element from being unchecked if required

4.22.2-0 2/June/ 2021

  • Updated b2b privatesite group checks to include customer overwrite
  • Enabled customer permissions and integrating with other private site group calls
  • Added tier price component and adding setting to disable tier price in product essentials.
  • Removed conditions on data fields
  • Fixed invoice and ship method throwing exception with multiple tracking entries. Updated invoice code to catch exceptions thrown so that invoice creation is not prevented, which will cause duplicate cc capture.
  • Added validation to storefront ratings form
  • Added setting to always show weight total even if qty is 1
  • Added properties to yes/no order attribute to render it on the FE as checkbox and ability to have it checked by default