4.4.0-0 29/Jun/2020

New Feature: Send "Order PDF" with New Order Email
This setting in Settings > Emails > New Order Email allows you to send a PDF version of the Order, acting as an un-paid invoice.

  • Improvement - Customer/Internal Comments are now highlighter on the Order View screen to distinguish them from

4.3.0-0 25/Jun/2020

  • Improvement - Improvement to the Accounts CSV Import to auto-create new customers and assign them to the account's default customer group
  • Improvement - Improvement to the Accounts CSV Import to auto assign Addresses to Locations if only one location

  • Improvement - Ability to enable/disable "Address Type" (Residential/Commercial) from Customers > Attributes
  • Improvement - Added Net 45 option
  • Improvement - Ability to delete Locations that have no Quotes or Orders.
  • Improvement - old_order_increment_id will now show for stores that migrated orders from Magento 1x
  • Improvement - New/Improved Blog AddThis widget, now includes Linked In

New Feature: Customization Text On Image
When using the Customization type "Text", you can have the text shown as a preview on top of the product image. Contact us for help using this new feature.

4.1.0-0 15/Jun/2020

  • Improvement - Ability to filter Orders by a custom date range
  • Improvement - M2E Updated to version 6.6.0

4.0.0-0 15/Jun/2020

Zoey v4.0

Zoey v4.0 incorporates a broader rethink about how we present various capabilities and solutions to our existing and prospective customers.