3.13.2-0 25/Jun/2019

  • Fix - Issue with Stripe 3rd Party App's handling of special characters from translations

3.13.1-0 24/Jun/2019

  • Improvement - New setting: Products > Settings > "Default Qty for New Variation" - Controls the Quantity for New Variations created in the Admin.

  • Fix - We have improved the speed of saving and loading products in the admin.

  • Fix - Related Products will now respect Catalog Restriction settings.

3.13.0-0 21/Jun/2019

  • Improvement - Google Structured Data now shows appropriate Review Tagging for reviews on Product Pages
  • Fix - Admin Order Create in rare cases was not calculating tax correctly, this has been addressed.

3.12.3-0 20/Jun/2019

  • Improvement - Added better error message validation when no search results found in the Admin to remind you to check filters
  • Fix - Design Template cannot be edited in Product Bulk actions
  • Fix - When using CyberSource Payments, orders sometimes failed when the "&" character was used in placing orders.
  • Fix - Admin Order Create - $0 pricing were sometimes appearing when adding products.

3.12.2-0 19/Jun/2019

  • Improvement - Setup->Checkout Settings - you can now set many fields per Customer Group!
  • Fix - Creating Configurable Products - Variation Names sometimes showed up as incomplete
  • Fix - When creating Discount Rules and assigning From/To dates there was sometimes an error saying that the date range had to be within one year

3.12.1-0 18/Jun/2019

  • Improvement - Under Setup->Shipping Method the Flat Rate Shipping now has an option to calculate a handling fee by % of the total order amount
  • Improvement - Third Party App - Stripe Payments has been updated to the latest version resolving some bugs reported by users including duplicate payments
  • Fix - Third Party App - M2E - was taking users to dashboard when clicking on certain parts of the App

3.12.0-0 17/Jun/2019

  • Improvement - Customer Attributes can now be set to be shown on PDF and Emails! You can find these settings under Customers->Attributes
  • Fix - Issue filtering products when Special Price "is not set"
  • Fix - Read More causing display problem with fractions

3.11.0-0 17/Jun/2019

Customer Group Themes
You can now specify different themes to show for different customer groups. Theme Licenses may be purchased from the Account Manager for stores that are on specific plans that allow it. Then Themes can be assigned to different customer groups in our fully re-designed Visual Design Editor Dashboard.

  • Feature Removed - Theme Snapshots have been removed and replaced with Theme Duplication

  • Improvement - Order grid filtering - filter any text value by starts with / ends with

  • Improvement - Customer Attribute & Product Attribute Settings Updates - ability to add Customer Attributes to PDFs/emails

  • Improvement - Enable View Stock Status when looking at an order in the admin - this is found under Product->Settings

  • Improvement - Ability to add the Customers Name in the header You can now specify the following variables to show this information:

    • [ customerName ]
    • [ customerFirstName ]
    • [ customerLastName ]
    • [ customerEmail ]
  • New App - Google Address Auto Complete

3.10.2-0 13/Jun/2019

  • Improvement - Zoey Quotes - Email Log: Shows a log of when emails were sent and by whom
  • Fix - Pick List - Remove Shipping
  • Fix - Admin Order Create - cannot buy gift card
  • Fix - Pick List Single - Variations of Configurable Products displaying twice
  • Fix - Radius Corners not working on certain product list blocks

3.10.1-0 12/Jun/2019

  • Fix - Add To Quote button duplicating on search results page
  • Fix - AOC - cannot buy gift card
  • Fix - Render or Strip HTML from attributes in PDFs

3.10.0-0 11/Jun/2019

Apply Custom Discount To Shipping in Admin Order Create
You can now choose to apply a custom discount amount to the shipping amount as well as the subtotal in the Admin Order Create Screen.

3.9.1&2-0 11/Jun/2019

  • Fix - Admin Order Create - generates the wrong total
  • Fix - mySQL Deadlock when placing order due to insert/delete on sales_flat_quote simultaneously
  • Fix - Quote - Doesn't load the quote unless you refresh screen
  • Fix - Status on order page off center
  • Fix - AvaTax Item Calculates Incorrectly Greater Than Qty. of 5

3.9.0-0 10/Jun/2019

Improved FE My Account Vie Order & View Quote Page
The Customer Account View Order and View Quote page has been given a much needed re-design. Information is organized much more clearly and easier to read.

  • Fix - Email Variables: Add Sales Representative {{ var order.getSalesRepTitlesHtml()} }
  • Fix - Abandoned Cart - Says "Sent" but does not have dates
  • Fix - Quote Button not showing for specific customer group

3.8.3-0 07Jun/2019

  • Fix - Customer Group: Add to Gift Message
  • Fix - Admin order screen First Name - Last Name entry repetitive
  • Fix - Admin Order Create $0 order - avalara error
  • Fix - Admin Order Create - Browser Auto Complete Triggers Two Refreshes
  • Fix - Variations can no longer be created
  • Fix - Admin Order Create - No addresses to put information into
  • Fix - Admin Order Create - generates the wrong total
  • Fix - B2B - Price Leaking Bundle Product
  • Fix - Bundle Product hide $0 base price when configured
  • Fix - Add To Quote button duplicating on search results page

3.8.2-0 05/Jun/2019

  • Fix - Customer Group Pricing Import
  • Fix - Attachment is removed from original product when removing it from a duplicate
  • Fix - Admin Order Create: Order Attributes not showing
  • Fix - Admin order screen First Name - Last Name entry repetitive
  • Fix - Line break on cart when Incl & Excl Tax is enabled

3.8.0-0 04/Jun/2019

Customer Group Sale Pricing
You can now set Sale Prices per customer group.

  • Improvement - B2B - Configurable Product, Price Type=Fixed - Shows Starting From
  • Improvement - Hide 'Sale' badge when Customer Group Pricing is Lower than Base Price
  • Fix - Group Pricing - Group Sale Price must be lower than Group Price

3.7.0-0 03/Jun/2019

Improved FE My Account Order & Quotes Grids
Customers can now search, sort and filter their orders by Status, Date Range and more. They can also use Bulk Actions to select and print multiple orders at once.

  • Fix - Gift card not crediting the tax on shipping.
  • Fix - N/A column on Pick List
  • Fix - Bulk Action - fail error message vague (trying to make products restricted to specific customer groups)
  • Fix - Rename "Ajax Lazy Load" to "Endless Product Scroll"
  • Fix - Add "Show No Products Message"
  • Fix - Category Error - Sort Options not loading and change error message
  • Fix - Customer Export -> Grid/Selected Customer or from Customer Export page does not export Customer ID