2.2.4-0 29/Jun/2018

  • Improvement - Ability to add Search bar to the body of the pages instead of just the header
  • Fix - Under specific conditions Bulk Actions would delete Group & Tiered Pricing from products, this has been resolved
  • Fix - Under specific conditions importing a CSV with "Replace Complex Data" would delete related products, this has been resolved

2.2.3-0 27/Jun/2018

  • Improvement - Payment Methods: Check, Money Order, Bank Transfer, Purchase Order can now be set to automatically invoice when the order is placed. You can go into the individual Payment Method and set this option
  • Fix - Various fixes for the Visual Design Editor

2.2.2-0 26/Jun/2018

  • Improvement - You can now have the ability for the Header Navigation Items to be clicked on in order to open the navigation items!
  • Improvement - Quantity Totals now appear in Cart, Order Success, Emails and PDFs
  • Fix - Abandoned Carts were sometimes sent even after an order was placed
  • Fix - Image Thumbnail Carousel on Product Pages performance improved

2.2.1-0 26/Jun/2018

  • Improvement - When viewing Grouped Products the individual products can now be clicked on to go to the product itself. Turn this feature on from Product->Settings
  • Fix - Various fixes for the Visual Design Editor

2.2.0-11 25/Jun/2018

Internal Release, no notes.

2.2.0-10 21/Jun/2018

  • Improvement - Order Comments now can be filled out when creating an order in the admin
  • Fix - Hide "Minimum Qty" from Category Pages from being pre-filled in
  • Fix - Duplicate Product not always working

2.2.0-9 21/Jun/2018

  • Fix - Stamped.io Integration fixes
  • Fix - Low Stock Notice showed too much inventory
  • Fix - Customer CSV for certain customers showed "Last Logged In" as "Never"

2.2.0-8 20/Jun/2018

  • Fix - Stamped.io Integration fixes
  • Fix - If certain fields contained HTML they showed no value in the Admin
  • Fix - Mobile wishlist menu turns purple when 'active'
  • Fix - Social icons now open in a new browser tab by default
  • Fix - Yotpo star reviews were not showing up in the Single Product Block
  • Fix - Jumpy behavior on slideshows now corrected

2.2.0-1 through 2.2.0-7 19/Jun/2018

  • Improvement - Customer Group has been added to Order/Invoice/Shipment Grid + CSV Export
  • Fix - Various fixes from previous releases

2.2.0-0 18/Jun/2018

  • Improvement - Stamped.io Visual Design Editor Component Launches. Install the Stamped.io App from https://www.zoey.com/apps/stamped-io/ then within the Visual Design Editor click on the +Add Menu and drag in the Stamped.io component from the Apps section.
  • Improvement - Information Banners can now be added to the Footer
  • Fix - Social Media Links in Footer not always showing correct links
  • Fix - Open in New Window was not always working
  • Fix - Additional Columns not taking styling from Product Attribute Design Settings

2.1.15-0 13/Jun/2018

  • Improvement - B2B Replace Prices with Custom Message based on Customer Group

2.1.14-0 07/Jun/2018

  • Fix - Fixed internal errors, not affecting users
  • Fix - Rounded corner borders with keylines on boxes were not showing corners
  • Fix - Orders Item Quantity Total was not shown on the Edit Screen

2.1.13-0 07/Jun/2018

  • Improvement - Make Category in Nav not clickable
  • Improvement - "Login to view price" can now be clickable to a URL
  • Improvement - B2B Product Restrictions has two new options: Show Variations and Show Customizations

2.1.12-0 05/Jun/2018

  • Improvement - Meta Descriptions can now be up to 350 characters to take advantage of Google expanded Meta Description fields for better SEO
  • Improvement - Fixer.io has been deprecated for rate imports and replaced with Open Exchange
  • Fix - Customer Attribute Field Export showed the ID not the Value
  • Fix - Advanced Quick Order sometimes loaded a 500 error

2.1.11-0 01/Jun/2018

  • Fix - YotPo Badge Component in Header was not loading on Search Result Page
  • Fix - GDPR App Fixes
  • Fix - Context Menu > Child Menu not aligned somtimes
  • Fix - Navigation cutting off
  • Fix - Page broken when returning from PayPal Checkout