4.23.11-0 30/July/2021

  • adding updated_at/created_at to main company table. Making updated_at filterable by api
  • adding support for browser back button in checkout
  • adding missing assets from category product list components

4.23.10-0 29/July/2021

  • fixing issue when updating product via rest api that would set use_config_manage_stock
  • fixing bill totals in pdf/email/storefront pay

4.23.9-0 29/July/2021

  • company improvements.
  • added enable all shipping/payment methods to company and location (always allow all).
  • updated mass action to update shipping/payment methods to include enable all option.
  • added create order, create quote, login as customer links to company crud. refactored aoc/aqc to init with customer and company id.
  • added view icon next to x for owners (view link opens customer crud).
  • fixed company and quotes grid search not persisting.

4.23.8-0 28/July/2021

  • updating product attribute send_to_csv to also work to export to api and webhooks
  • adding update to image hover to support opacity transition

4.23.7-0 28/July/2021

  • adding tracking carriers endpoint
  • adding store config payment method api endpoint

4.23.6-0 27/July/2021

  • fixed create quote from customer assigning incorrect company location id
  • fixed broken authorizenet cc form style in invoicing pay
  • adding catalog category api routes
  • adding additional product rest endpoints for attribute and link assign
  • refactoring image hover to be its own asset instead of global
  • updating account and account location net term defaults to use their entity names instead of customer name by default
  • added ability to bulk edit account/location shipping & payment methods.

4.23.5-0 27/July/2021

  • adding check to payment methods for admin/mobile only
  • fixing quote admin payment methods to use internal methods rather than checkout methods

4.23.3-0 26/July/2021

  • Core updates to support avalara cert capture vendor module

4.23.2-2 24/July/2021

  • Temporary fixed product list image hover code also affecting other elements with data-image-hover attribute

4.23.2-1 24/July/2021

  • Fixed dc layout script not properly unattaching event on destroy causing the creation of multiple body clear elements

4.23.2-0 23/July/2021

  • Added ‘View Details’ links to quote email if a url is available
  • Added img url transformation to text and html components
  • Updated config parser to include only compiling assets without renderer
  • Updated slideshow mobile optimization to use background image instead of image element
  • Fixed issue with variation restrictions causing out of stock on category list
  • Added Extra Attribute in Add Products Grid setting
  • Updated holepunch code to try to load a bit later and use animation frame for updating elements to try to minimize browser repaint. Added font display: swap style to vde custom font upload (recommended by pagespeed). Updated google tag manager script to load later to try and prevent it from blocking other things from loading. Fixed vde theme asset manager not working because of a selected layout not being available. Updated modal, tabs to listen to vde document load instead of prototype document load which triggers earlier

4.23.1-0 22/July/2021

  • Added quote attachments to creation email
  • Added setting to not return qty back to stock when order is canceled.
  • Added ability to disable registration

4.23.0-0 22/July/2021

  • Broke apart designcenter default style.css.
  • Removed/cleaned up some js/css being loaded on every page.
  • Updated font styles to load woff first. added google font dns prefetch.
  • added image preloader config to dc. added preload config to existing dc image components.
  • Added ability to async load css.
  • Fixed dc page layout handle request not working with restrictions due to request singleton being loaded before layout handles.
  • Fixed product single component 2 quicklink style

4.22.37-0 21/July/2021

  • Removed table mode inventory column if product isn’t managing stock
  • Added per customer group Add To Quote settings on the product
  • Set max height on order/quote product images

4.22.36-1 20/July/2021

  • Added styles for zero price text

4.22.36-0 19/July/2021

  • Fixed issue with rendering some customer attributes
  • Fixed issue with default attribute source value bug
  • Fixed issue with group restriction not adhering to behavior setting

4.22.35-2 19/July/2021

  • Updated restricted product check to include orWhere for restricted_groups Updated advFilters to ignore restricted products from count
  • Version updated

4.22.35-1 16/July/2021

  • Reverted “adding customer user_defined attributes to global designcenter template variables

4.22.35-0 16/July/2021

  • Added sales reps to order success reivew component
  • Added customer user_defined attributes to global designcenter template variables. editing designcenter/template helper to handle pseudo dot nested properties
  • Updated new pending customer email to allow easily rendering out all registration variables for customer and address

4.22.34-0 15/July/2021

  • Updated locale date and time formats to render specifically what the user wants
  • Added ui fields for customer mapping, assinging guest orders to netsuite customer, address display formats, and create customers for orders when customer has no netsuite id.
  • Added tests for PDF order comments/history
  • Fixed issues with admin/frontend test refactor
  • Moved rate limit exception blacklist credentials to core config values so can be editable per store. Transmit exception to sentry when it occurs.
  • Changed log level for sentry transmit when rate limit occurs.
  • Made exception transmit parameter.

4.22.33-0 14/July/2021

  • Added is_required to used_in_form attribute values
  • Added order csv download to My Account > My Orders
  • Fixed issue with not logged in customer group not being restricted
  • Added image size and product link to pdf
  • Fixed issue with admin history showing up in pdf

4.22.32-0 13/July/2021

  • Edited logged in out of stock to be a button. Adding additional cache tags to out of stock product view block
  • Added url to product collection endpoint
  • Fixed issue with quote custom price number formatting for locale
  • Added is_visible and used_in_form values for customer attributes. Adding send_bill to offline methods
  • Added language flag toggle to header essentials
  • Surcharge totals only reset if address type for collection matches expected address type for quote. Added collect totals flag when single payment method is saved.

4.22.31-0 12/July/2021

  • Fixed issue with design template bulk action not working
  • Added extra data for product endpoint
  • Added zoey_shipping_type to store2/config address create attributes

4.22.30-0 12/July/2021

  • Added setting to be able to remove sales reps from PDF
  • Updated default templates with sales rep emails
  • Added sales rep foreach variable
  • Added update to email preview for valueDirective. Updating default new pending customer template. adding installscript to update default variables
  • Added valueDirective for email/pdf filter to allow email builders to echo out the frontend values of entity attributes
  • Added inventory report download

4.22.29-0 8/July/2021

  • Added tax code to use when always use tax code is yes and no to taxes on order.
  • Added shipment/invoice/creditmemo add comment endpoint
  • Added exempt tax code ui fields for surcharge item. Added test cases for fetching correct tax code to use for items and shipments.

4.22.27-0 6/July/2021

  • Added sales_rep_user_ids to quote submit
  • Added sharing to zoey_filter module
  • Added item_id to stock data in product api
  • Added sales_rep_users_ids as a response key for Customer Get request
  • Only skip checking quote settings if there is a variation flagged to disable hide add to cart.

4.22.26-0 2/July/2021

  • Added stock_data to products collection request

4.22.25-1 1/July/2021

  • Updated Net Term eav attribute to use the correct attribute table interface

4.22.25-0 1/July/2021

  • Data mapper module and basic angular interface elements added. Ajax load/save framwork added for connections.
  • Added model classes and install scripts for data mapper db classes. Ajax prepare built for connection model and connection model field rendering.
  • Refactored table schema to allow for a more eav like structure for defining fields and connection types. Install scripts and preparation classes added to easily allow for changes to the connection configs.
  • Ajax prepare data completed. Added afterLoad logic to attach all field and connection data. Added simplified mage registry function set/get. Added helper functions to varien collections.
  • Connection type field rendering in angular.
  • Ajax form data saving in correct format.
  • More ui work for customizing connection fields. Full create and update implemented for data mapper connections.
  • new data mampper ui logic.
  • Data mapper ui and connection ui complete. Bug fixes with saving connection and data mapper information.
  • DataMapper logic implemented to generate CSV file. CSV file being created. Connection credentials inserted into redis for processing from API server.
  • End to end csv export logic implemented.
  • UI fixes for loading new and existing data mappers. added support for order item and customer exports.
  • Added invoice/shipment export support. Added data mapper to integrations list.
  • Added logic for last run time and last used time. Exports will only process data created since last run. Last run time can be reset to resend all data. Added filename support for hour minute and second.
  • Removed placeholder ssh connection type.
  • Added function logic to get private object urls and private signed urls based on private helper class bucket.