3.19.0-0 30/Jul/2019

New Feature: Multi-User Editing of Different Pages in the VDE
You can now have different users editing different pages simultaneously! Our system will automatically recognize changes to shared blocks like the Header and Footer and notify other users to Save to merge changes. Learn More Here

3.18.0-0 29/Jul/2019

New Feature: Product Inventory Audit Log
Any updates to your product inventory made in the Admin, with a CSV file, via API, inventory chaged from Orders created by Customers or Admin Users and inventory returned to stock via Credit Memo is now being tracked in a new section of the Product Edit screen called "Audit Log". Click on a row to view details about the change including who made the change, when it was made, what the value was before the change and what it was after the change.

3.17.2-0 23/Jul/2019

  • Fix - Renamed "Export Grid" to "Export Visible Grid
  • Fix - Admin Quote PDF not translating for the default store language

3.17.0-0 19/Jul/2019

New Features for Quotes

  • Feature - Quote Audit Log: See a log of all changes made to the quote including who made those changes.
  • Feature - Email Log: See a log of when emails were sent, who they were sent to, and who sent them for each quote.
  • Feature - Quote Attachments: Attach files to a quote. Files will be downloadable from the Quote Emails or on the customer My Account > View Quote screen
  • Feature - Save Address for later: when creating or editing a quote, the admin has the ability to select to save the address to the customer's address book.

3.16.1-0 17/Jul/2019

  • Improvement - 3rd, 4th and 5th level Sub-Categories now show in Mobile Menu
  • Improvement - Customers -> Orders - ability to open orders in new window
  • Fix - Categories - promo image not removed on delete
  • Fix - Categories - Clicking title removes wrong checkbox

3.16.0-0 15/Jul/2019

  • Improvement - Show Variation Attribute on Cart/Checkout: New setting in Product > Settings > Catalog, if a Variation has a Custom Attribute that is configured to show data (such as on cart, checkout, emails, etc..) it will be shown even though the purchase was done at the Configurable Product level

3.15.4-0 10/Jul/2019

  • Fix - Fixed issue where Add to Quote Button was not fitting in the design
  • Fix - Fixed issues with Grouped Products QUICKVIEW display.

3.15.2-0 08/Jul/2019

  • Fix - Issue with deleting "New from Date/New to Date" - Flag in the Front End still showed up as NEW
  • Fix - Blog category URLs missing from sitemap

3.15.0-0 03/Jul/2019

  • Improvement - Free Shipping Cart Rule setting added to prevent it from setting Flat Rates to $0. Setting can be found in Setup > Shipping Methods > Flat Rate: Allow Discount Rules with Free Shipping to Set Price to $0. (When a Promotion Discount Rule has Free Shipping Enabled setting this option to Yes will allow this Flat Rate Method's price to change to $0. When set to No, the price will remain the same regardless of whether the Free Shipping criteria in the Discount Rule is met.)
  • Fix - Fix for product export of design template to export template names

3.14.0-0 01/Jul/2019

New Feature: Hide Header/Footer
This feature gives you the ability to hide the header and/or footer on specific pages. Learn more here: Hiding Header/Footer

  • **Third Party App - M2E upgrade to version 6.5.4: added support for Walmart as a channel for sales
  • **Third Party App: Apruve