2.7.0-0 31/Jul/2018

  • Improvement - You are now able to add information throughout the Checkout Process! You can find this under Setup->Checkout
  • Improvement - Quantity Increment Column can now be added to the Product Grid
  • Fix - Original Price issue on Variations in Cart was fixed
  • Fix - Advanced Quick Order Search for Products in the Admin not always working
  • Fix - Change Customers will now work even if a space is at the end of the email address
  • Fix - Visual Design Editor sometimes loading the wrong page when switching layouts before full load
  • Fix - Product Filter by Category not working

2.6.1-2 30/Jul/2018

  • Fix - RemoveOption missing from WSDL for SOAP API - added.
  • Fix - Visual Design Editor fixes for saving and publishing draft layouts

2.6.1-0 27/Jul/2018

  • Fix - Amazon Button in mini cart is now centered
  • Fix - Tax Class for Variations will now properly function
  • Fix - Address Region was not shown in Set-up->Site Configuration
  • Fix - Product OG/Meta Tagging was leaking information even if B2B settings were enabled
  • Fix - Classic Reports "Last day statistics" link was missing

2.6.0-0 24/Jul/2018

  • Improvement - Customer Attributes have been updated to use the newer grid technology found in other parts of the Zoey Admin
  • Fix - "Starting At" price is now correct in the search results
  • Fix - Additional PDF fixes

2.5.0-0 24/Jul/2018

2.4.6-1 24/Jul/2018

  • Fix - Duplicating Pages in the Visual Design Editor may have caused problems which are now resolved

2.4.6-0 24/Jul/2018

  • Fix - PDFs now accept accents e.g. é
  • Fix - Category Pages Google SEO Schema Errors
  • Fix - Product Search for Single Product Widget & Customization Sync was not working
  • Fix - Customer List Tab took a few minutes to load sometimes, performance improved
  • Fix - Featured Product component was not listing all selected SKUs

2.4.5-0 20/Jul/2018

Internal Release, no notes.

2.4.4-0 20/Jul/2018

  • Fix - Credit Memo PDF had no date
  • Fix - Invoice PDF had Custom Attributes missing
  • Fix - PDFs did not translate SKU

2.4.3-0 19/Jul/2018

  • Improvement - Product->Attributes can now be marked as "Required". When creating new Products, Required Attributes will automatically be listed to be filled in.
  • Improvement - We appreciated all the feedback we received on our new PDF Templates. We're happy to say that several features have been improved: Translation of "SKU" was not working, ability to hide SKU column, item sorting now should work, awkward breaks in the template have been resolved, fonts have been made larger, invoice template has more spacing between sections, invoice date no longer shows the time.
  • Improvement - A new PDF Template has been released (Classic/Modern). You can choose a template in Orders->PDF Settings. https://support.zoey.com/v1.0/docs/pdf-templates

2.4.2-0 19/Jul/2018

  • Improvement - Bundled Products that have a Default Product chosen can now be unset as default without having to remove the product entirely
  • Fix - Visual Design Editor drag & drop generally improved

2.4.1-0 19/Jul/2018

  • Improvement - Product Attributes can now be shown on the search preview and search results on the front end of your store!
  • Improvement - Category Products Visibility Filter within the Product->Category->Manage Products section now takes into account the setting to hide out of stock products.

2.4.0-0 18/Jul/2018

  • Improvement - PDFs have received an overhaul! New design for PDFs available for all pricing plans, Ability to display attributes created in Product->Attributes, Ability to make text customizations in various parts of the PDFs, PDFs managed in new location: Orders->PDF Settings and more. Read the full announcement at https://blog.zoey.com/major-update-to-pdfs-offers-more-control-cleaner-design

2.3.0-0 16/Jul/2018

  • Improvement - Staff Account Customer Group Permissions is now live! Restrict a staff account to see only certain customer/order data in the admin. Great for limiting salespeoples' access to only their accounts.
  • Improvement - The Customer Grid has been completely revamped! It is now powered by the same technology as the Product List grid. The Customer Grid List now supports adding and rearranging your own columns, showing and approving pending customers, an improved search and more. We hope you enjoy this improvement!

2.2.9-0 12/Jul/2018

  • Improvement - Email Templates can now access Customer Address and Customer Company - see more at https://support.zoey.com/docs/global-email-variables
  • Improvement - Product Custom Attributes can now be used to search in the Product Grid. You can go to Product->Attributes and select "Use in Product List Search" then save.
  • Fix - Amazon Payments can now be unselected when checking out after selecting it

2.2.8-0 11/Jul/2018

  • Fix - Setup->Checkout Settings was missing Shipping Origin
  • Fix - Visual Desgin Center pages were sometimes shifting when repositioning.

2.2.7-0 10/Jul/2018

  • Fix - Exporting Products with spaces should now work
  • Fix - Zoey Media Manager sometimes showed an SQL Error which has been resolved
  • Fix - "Starting From" shows in all Visual Design Center blocks
  • Fix - ShipperHQ will now allow information text to be shown

2.2.6-0 05/Jul/2018

  • Improvement - The SKU can now be shown in the Mini Cart. You can enable this under Setup->Checkout Settings->Display SKU in Minicart
  • Fix - Mailchimp emails will now contain correct Image URLs
  • Fix - Bundles Product was not retaining certain data on save

2.2.5-0 03/Jul/2018

  • Improvement - Google Sitelink Search SEO Added. You can find this under Setup->Site Configuration->Sitelinks Search
  • Fix - Product List was not showing more than 10 items in certain cases