4.13.18-0 29/Jan/2021

  • Fixed issue with translations

4.13.17-0 28/Jan/2021

  • Adding PDF setting to hide shipping/payment methods
  • Adding cron to disable catalog sales rule after toDate is passed.
  • Adding catalog sales rule audit log
  • Improvement to Admin Quote screen to support multi-user

4.13.16-0 27/Jan/2021

  • New setting on Promotions > Sales rule to allow discount to be made on the special price
  • Updating special price date to check against rule date rather than current date to ensure the sale is working when its supposed to
  • Allow shipping methods to bypass account restrictions in checkout if they are not in the list of available methods since they cannot be selected to be allowed in the account admin

4.13.15-0 26/Jan/2021

  • New setting for Max Qty on Configurable Product to limit the total number of variations allowed in the cart.
  • New Pending Customer Denied Email which can be sent when a customer pending approval is denied.

4.13.14-0 25/Jan/2021

  • New NetTerms Feature adding ability to automatically disable NetTerm payment when the customer has past due unpaid invoices. You can also set a number of days past-due to initiate the lock.

4.13.12-0 & 4.13.13-0 22/Jan/2021

  • SKU has been added to category product sort options
  • New warning if editing a header or footer component in an unpublished layout
  • Features > Catalog restriction page will flush cache after save
  • Added pending user registration link to the view pending user pop-up

4.13.11-0 21/Jan/2021

  • Adding messaging to Shipping & Payment Methods if restricted for accounts
  • Adding ability to include custom SKU data to Order Emails
  • Adding Bulk Action > Print Orders to order list screen
  • Adding new PDF settings for order, invoice, shipment, & creditmemo to show/hide product details and order the Shipping/Payment information
  • Fixing issue with discount total not appearing on the Quote Convert screen
  • Fixing issue where GiftCard details would not save if the customer added Emojis to the message

4.13.10-0 20/Jan/2021

  • Added Referral Form to Admin
  • Fixed bundle products not working with quote api.
  • Google Sheets fix for DST Time Saving

iOS v2.1 19/Jan/2021

  • Support for Bundled Products Added

4.13.8-0 18/Jan/2021

  • adding update for file and import permissions
  • fixing issue with limit not properly being set on product list ajax data source model

4.13.7-0 15/Jan/2021

  • Adding ability to filter out csv columns if they contain no data
  • Fixing issue with backorders notifying customers
  • Added bundle option information to product API response.
  • Improving performance of csv by writing to memory

4.13.6-1 15/Jan/2021

  • Disable payment restriction for invoicing pay
  • Fixing issue with backorder email status throwing errors

4.13.6-0 14/Jan/2021


Featured Update: Google Sheets Product Import Scheduler

The Google Sheets Importer (Available Here) makes it easy to pull documents from Google Sheets on a schedule to add or update products and product data, including the management of inventory, pricing and more.

Other items in this release:

  • adding the column _configurable_skus to product export data config. This column allows simple products (variations) to be linked to one or more configurable product without the use of the _super_... import columns
  • updating customer import to not require group_id, store_id, tax_class_id, created_at for existing customers
  • adding backorder messaging to pdf and emails
  • adding default filters to search model. swapping search all products and default search functionality to show the products accordingly

4.13.5-0 13/Jan/2021

  • Added reCaptcha to forgot password forms.

4.13.4-0 12/Jan/2021

  • Allowing customers to edit billing address on the quote view screen

4.13.3-0 12/Jan/2021

  • Update to Bill Pay to allow Credit Card methods when set to not allowed during checkout

4.13.2-0 08/Jan/2021

  • Bug fix for Shipping Type (Residential/Commercial) on Quotes in the Admin
  • Editing summary qty to use visible items instead of all items

4.13.1-0 07/Jan/2021

  • Full Discount Details for Orders are now presented in the Admin Order View
  • Items in admin now display when they were automatically added.

4.13.0-6 05/Jan/2021

  • Update to Quickbooks Online Audit log view with more information.
  • Ability to re-send Orders to Quickbooks Online in the event of an Error.
  • Image data no longer in product export by default. Results now sort by SKU instead of ID.

4.13.0-4&5 04/Jan/2021

  • Fixing Qty increment packaging for Bundle Products
  • API will now return no products when page number has exceeded maximum allowed [ page. Fixed bug where Add to Cart would show on category pages if globally hidden but enabled in category setting.
  • Added Giftcard code and Discount amount to REST API v1 response.
  • Updated Product Quick-view to use product’s design template(layout), if assigned, to get component data for rendering instead of always using the theme’s default product layout components