3.59.0-0 27/Jan/2020

NEW FEATURE: Order Approval for Company Accounts
Company Account Roles & Permissions allow for an Order Approval process where certain company/location users must submit an order for approval before they can place the order.
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NEW FEATURE: Ability to De-activate a customer
You can deactivate a customer which will automatically log them out and prevent them from logging back in.
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NEW FEATURE: Ability to add a message (WYSIWYG) in Shopping Cart, Mini Cart, Quote Mini Cart and Quote Submit Page
The "Checkout Information" Section in Setup > Checkout Settings has been expanded to allows adding information in the Shopping Cart, Mini-Shopping Cart, Quote Mini-Cart and Quote Submit screens. You can also show different information for different Customer Groups.
In Setup > Checkout Settings > Checkout Information

  • Improvement - Company Required setting will now be respected when creating a customer via Admin and API
  • Improvement - Ability to set a Tax Class on gifts card products
  • Improvement - More easily Export and Import Gift Card Codes from Products > Gift Cards

3.58.0-0 09/Jan/2020

  • Improvement - Global Update to jQuery Version
  • Improvement - Product Lists can now display multiple additional product attributes