1.6.30-7 30/Jan/2018

1.6.30-6 30/Jan/2018

  • Fix - Configurable Product Options were not properly changing image when the product was restricted and the customer viewing it was logged out.

1.6.30-5 26/Jan/2018

  • Improvement - Product Names will no longer be validated to be unique. Only the SKU and the URL will now be checked.

1.6.30-4 26/Jan/2018

  • Improvement - Configurable Products will now by default have a "Starting From" price shown. Previously this was not possible. If you want to turn it off you can do so in Products->Settings and look in the Catalog Settings for the "Starting From" option.
  • Improvement - Gift Card Balance can now be checked online. You can enable this in Products->Settings->Gift Card. Access it once enabled by going to /customer/giftcards/balance
  • Fix - Zoey Admin Grids will always have search on by default to prevent a blinking of the on/off search on initial page load.

1.6.30-3 25/Jan/2018

  • Improvement - Customer Attributes now support "File" type to enable you to upload a file for a Customer's profile. Very useful if your customers need to upload an ID or other important document as part of their registration.

1.6.30-2 25/Jan/2018

  • Improvement - Duplication of Products will now carry over Variation information.
  • Fix - Order Comments will always wrap properly in the grid
  • Fix - Gift Card Prices sometimes did not show up when viewing the product in the Admin
  • Fix - Tier pricing percentage will now show two decimal places instead of rounding up/down
  • Fix - Tier pricing of variations was sometimes not displaying correctly
  • Fix - Adding a locale with uppercase will work
  • Fix - Breadcrumbs in the Product Admin will show the translated values of the Product Names
  • Fix - Removing items from categories that were not visible sometimes failed, should now work
  • Fix - Mobile template rendering was sometimes slow, should be improved
  • Fix - Pay with Amazon Button will now always show up in the Mini Cart and show the right icon. Used to show "Login with Amazon" now will show "Pay with Amazon"
  • Fix - Price on the front end sometimes had a space before it

1.6.30-1 - 23/Jan/2018

  • Improvement - VAT has been moved below the Address fields in Checkout
  • Improvement - PDF Printing of Gift Messages was sometimes outside the box, now is in the box
  • Fix - Analytics will now sync timezone and currency based on your store settings

1.6.30-0 - 22/Jan/2018

  • Improvement - B2B Sitewide Access Restrictions now let you set "Allow Browsing, Restrict Cart, Replace Prices with "Login to view price"
  • Improvement - The Pricing Modal (Popup) of the Options in Product Variations has been slightly redesigned to give you a better experience
  • Improvement - Qty box now appears on search results page to add to cart. This only works for Simple Products.
  • Fix - Rounding errors with tiered pricing have been resolved
  • Fix - When viewing a shipment there was no navigation breadcrumb in the Admin to easily go back to the order
  • Fix - Selecting a $0 variation made the price blank instead of saying $0.00
  • Fix - Importing "File" type customizations via CSV has been fixed
  • Fix - Product Reports now include Virtual Products
  • Fix - Search within Category was not always working
  • Fix - Search results will no longer show prices if the Access Restrictions to hide prices is enabled.

1.6.29-22 - 17/Jan/2018

  • Fix - Abandoned Cart Page said that emails were not sent even though they were - this data error has been synchronized to show you accurate results
  • Improvement - API Reindex call will automatically Refresh Store

1.6.29-21 - 17/Jan/2018

  • Fix - Abandoned Cart emails were not always being sent after the latest set of improvements, this has been corrected.
  • Fix - Indexer Scheduler should now run correctly

1.6.29-20 - 17/Jan/2018

  • Improvement - "Advanced Limited" permission now includes Import/Export CSV.
  • Improvement - Third Party App, ShipperHQ has been updated to the latest version

1.6.29-19 - 16/Jan/2018

  • Fix - Product->Attributes - "Show on Cart" would print the ID of the attribute instead of the Value of the attribute

    1.6.29-18 was an internal release

1.6.29-17 - 15/Jan/2018

  • Improvement - Abandoned Carts have major improvements! Thank you for your suggestions on how to improve this feature


  • Title of the pages in the browser have been corrected
  • Fixed issues with emails not always being sent out
  • Ensured that the proper email template is sent in rare cases it was not with multi-language stores

Orders -> Abandoned Carts

  • Added an export of the items in the abandoned carts to a CSV
  • Added functionality to show a recovery email link. This link when visited will automatically fill up the cart with the contents of the abandoned cart
  • Added option to send email reminder more than once at scheduled intervals

Customers->Customer List, pick a customer and go to "Shopping Cart"

  • Ability to add Discount and/or Gift Card to a customer's cart

  • Improvement - Orders->Settings Abandoned Carts was showing the wrong settings

  • Improvement - Attributes can now be shown in the Edit Cart page as well. Go to Product->Attributes and check off "Show in cart"

  • Improvement - Attach PDF of Invoice, Shipment or Credit Memo in email. Configure this option in Setup->Emails

  • Improvement - Customer Attributes on Registrations Form have more padding around them to look nicer

  • Improvement - Added an API Endpoint to trigger a re-index. Learn more at https://developers.zoey.com/docs/reindex-via-api-call

  • Improvement - Launched Design Center v2! Learn more at https://support.zoey.com/docs/visual-design-editor-upgrade-faq

  • Fix - Index Mode was sometimes getting changed from Manual Mode to Update on Save when certain events were triggered in the admin. This will no longer happen

  • Fix - Non-shippable configurable product variations sometimes showed the mini cart having $0 instead of the proper amount

  • Fix - Resolved issues with the improvements to Order Data Export from earlier version

1.6.29-16 - 12/Jan/2018

  • Improvement - Third Party App MailChimp has been upgraded to the latest version

1.6.29-14 - 08/Jan/2018

  • Improvement - Exported Order Data will now export data in the proper base currency as columns in the CSV
  • Improvement - Export Order and Invoice Data now has item tax percent, row total including tax and item base cost as columns in the CSV
  • Improvement - Export Credit Memo Data now has the refund discount amount, refund shipping amount, adjustment refund/fee and row total including tax as columns in the CSV

1.6.29-13 - 08/Jan/2018

  • Improvement - In Orders->Settings Barcode for Invoices, Shipments and Credit Memos can now print either the Order ID or their respective Document ID.

1.6.29-12 - 05/Jan/2018

  • Fix - Saving Orders->Settings was not always working

1.6.29-11 - 04/Jan/2018

  • Improvement - Added the ability to print a barcode to the top of Invoices, Shipments and Credit Memos. You can enable this feature in Orders->Settings->Invoice&Packing Slip Design
  • Improvement - If an Order is created within the Admin it will now be marked as such
  • Improvement - Moved some items out of Setup->Checkout and into Analytics->Settings and Orders->Settings
  • Improvement - Launched new App! CardConnect
  • Improvement - Launched new App! AgeCheck
  • Fix - Default Tax Class was not always selected
  • Fix - Media Import would delete more than just the folder selected
  • Fix - PayPal could not always save form

1.6.29-10 - 02/Jan/2018

Happy New Year!

  • Fix - Could not create coupons using 2018 dates
  • Fix - Barclay Card not able to save form