Featured Updates

1.5.15-2 - 31/Jan/17

  • Improvement - Performance Optimization for Catalog Sort function
  • Fix - Shopify Migrations due to large product IDs
  • Fix - Product URLs using special characters during CSV import
  • Fix - Translations not saving
  • Fix - B2B Registration screen was not picking up translations

1.5.15-0 - 26/Jan/17



Remote code exploit - Zend Framework email

  • Improvement - Performance Improvement, reduce TTFB by 500ms
  • Improvement - Support for spaces and dashes in CC Number Fields
  • Improvement - Product Preview link now uses URL Key if properly indexed
  • Improvement - Added PayPal setting "Skip Order Review" to better support Checkout Terms & Conditions feature
  • Improvement - Added new Font for PDFs to better support Japan Characters in Invoices
  • Improvement - Add setting to sort regions by Region Code or, Name in Setup > Checkout Settings
  • Fix - Remove RSS App from App Store
  • Fix - Missing UK county (Berkshire) Adde
  • Fix - Abandoned Cart Link returns white page

1.5.15-0 - 25/Jan/17

  • Fix - Issues with Credit Card number forms

1.5.14-8 - 23/Jan/17

  • Fix - Duplicating Theme and editing unpublished one updates original theme.
  • Fix - Product URLs allowing special characters
  • Fix - Amazon Payments breaking 1st step of checkout

1.5.14-7 - 20/Jan/17

  • Fix - Fixed issues with App pages loading a blank page

1.5.14-6 - 20/Jan/17

  • Improvement - Platform File Structure changes

1.5.14-5 - 18/Jan/17

  • Improvement - Platform File Structure changes

1.5.14-4 - 18/Jan/17

  • Improvement - Platform File Structure changes

1.5.14-3 - 18/Jan/17

  • Improvement - Platform File Structure changes

1.5.14-2 - 17/Jan/17

  • Improvement - Platform File Structure changes

1.5.14-1 - 17/Jan/17

  • Improvement - Platform File Structure changes

1.5.14-0 - 12/Jan/17

Major Platform Structure Changes

Zoey has made major back-end structural changes as we being launching our Developer Platform. these changes have no impact to the Admin or End-user but will allow for the launch of our Developer toolkit and Apps Marketplace.

Import Images from URL

Import images to your products without having to upload them to your Zoey Server.


Ability to import product images from external URLs via CSV


1.5.13-5 - 09/Jan/17

  • Improvement - Added two Product Media templates that groups product gallery images into a slider
  • Improvement - Product ID added to Admin Product Search, Admin Advanced Search and CSV Export
  • Improvement - dded ability to use Gift Cards for orders placed in the Admin
  • Improvement - Added "send line items to PayPal" setting to better support multi-currency, tax and discount issues
  • Improvement - User now has control over Product Gallery Media Background
  • Improvement - Allow user to edit filter navigation colors for "x" and "clear all"
  • Improvement - Font color in My Account now uses Theme Fonts & Colors
  • Improvement - Box/Strip background color appearing on some pages, not others
  • Improvement - Added drop-down arrow for Mobile Currency selector
  • Improvement - Ability to sort more than 20 Group Items in a Group Product
  • Improvement - Bulk Action: Added ability to set products to be taxable
  • Improvement - Bulk Action: Added ability to Bulk Edit all Price attributes
  • Improvement - Bulk Action: Added Cost of Manufacturer to Bulk Edit
  • Improvement - Bulk Action: Performance Enhancement
  • Fix - Cancelling changes to a HTML block will still save the changes
  • Fix - Fatal Error: 400 Cookies too large fixed
  • Fix - Duplicating Pages does not keep everything as it is
  • Fix - Checkout ZIP code field shows as required where it doesn't apply
  • Fix - Refunding an Out of Stock Item updates quantity but still says Out of Stock
  • Fix - Updating with Bulk Actions disables Sales rules and auto-sets product to be Visible
  • Fix - Abandoned Cart feature sends wrong scope email
  • Fix - API/v2_soap is_in_stock not working

1.5.13-4 - 06/Jan/17

  • Fix - Update currency code from ZMK to ZMW