4.16.0-0 26/Feb/2021

  • New Feature: Added setting to allow bill pay without login
  • New Feature: Added settings to allow Guest Orders to pay with Bill Pay
  • Adding collapse on mobile/tablet options to collapsible category lists
  • Adding barcodes to picklists
  • Adding shipping tracking to order / invoice pdf and removing status from net term
  • NetSuite Integration: Added the ability to assign internal use custom fields to Admin Users.
  • NetSuite Integration: Added ui to NS for syncing tax classes and sales reps.
  • Adding ability to sync configurable product custom attributes with variations
  • Updating mobile cart to only scroll and open if it exists
  • Added restriction to bill create for zero grand total value invoices
  • Added store credit amount to bill pay totals updated store credit logic to correctly calculate applied credit amount for partial invoiced/refunded orders updated credit memo store credit refund to also refund applied store credit amount

4.15.3-0 24/Feb/2021

  • Added sales rep emails variable
  • Added setting to copy to sales rep on contact form submissions

4.15.2-0 23/Feb/2021

  • Alphabetizing access page list
  • Fixed Quote convert to order not including customer additional email addresses for order notification in new order email
  • Shopping page now refreshes when coupons that automatically add products are applied or removed.
  • Adding Address data to pending_customer and registration_pending emails
  • Adding status history comment after email send for sales entities
  • Added use_in_order_item_sort property to product attribute and ability to use product attribute to sort order items

4.15.0-0 22/Feb/2021

New Feature: Zoey <> NetSuite Integration:
Our new native integration with NetSuite will synchronize Orders, Customers, Fulfillments, Invoices, and Product Inventory and Prices. Learn more at https://www.zoey.com/netsuite-integration/, or read our FAQ here: https://www.zoey.com/netsuite-faqs/

  • Adding update to allow store access to work with api for iOS users
  • Adding events to restrict data to the api if an iosUser
  • Performance improvement to Admin Quotes to make it load faster

4.14.7-0 18/Feb/2021

  • Fixing issue with regionId being set incorrectly
  • Adding tooltip for the From: "Customer Support" email address (in Settings > Emails) to show that it is used as the "Store Email" variable in email templates.
  • Move from customer cart’ functionality will no longer remove from cart until after order has been placed

4.14.6-0 16/Feb/2021

  • Added support for multiple payments and capturing payment on expired authorizations using Stripe Saved Credit Cards
  • Removing denied customers from pending approval customer tab. Adding approval_granted and approval_denied date columns to customer grid

4.14.5-0 15/Feb/2021

  • Added ability to quick add products by CSV file in Admin Order and Quote Create screens

4.14.4-0 12/Feb/2021

  • Fixed incorrect swatches media fallback check
  • Fixed issue with attribute not being set correctly because of magic methods

4.14.3-0 10/Feb/2021

  • Fixed issue with cart print
  • Fixed issue where newly saved addresses were not appearing as options

4.14.2-0 10/Feb/2021

  • Optimization for loading sites with a lot of swatches

4.14.1-0 09/Feb/2021

  • New Improvement: Customer Attributes can now be used for building Promotion Rules
  • Hiding table rate if weight check fails
  • Added customer group support to configurable product table view inventory visibility config setting
  • Added pointer class to clickable image

4.14.0-0 08/Feb/2021

  • NEW IMPROVEMENT - Paypal PaymentsPro and Express Checkout (with PayPal Credit) can now be used by customers for Quote Convert and Bill Pay
  • Ability to show Quantity for Variations on the Product Page Table-View (Setting in Web Settings > Product Settings)
  • Added ability for tracking details to be added to bill pay email
  • Added ability to click on quick order image and make it larger
  • Added setting allow customers to set shipping method on the Quote Submit page
  • Zero Subtotal Payment has been enabled globally
  • Adding stripe_id to the customer api
  • Adding a message to restricted quick order form when logged in customer is restricted from viewing it

4.13.20-0 05/Feb/2021

  • Fixed Firefox issue with qty update button
  • Rate limited add to cart and category filters for not logged in users.

4.13.19-0 02/Feb/2021

  • Fixed "Disable Hide add to Cart" setting from not being handled on category page.
  • Updating "No Shipping Method" message in the checkout