3.67.0-0 26/Feb/2020

  • 3rd Party App Update - Braintree Updated - Now includes support for Apple Pay & Google Pay
  • 3rd Party App Update - Stripe EU Payment Method Support added Learn More Here

3.66.0-0 20/Feb/2020

  • Improvement - Ability to add Addresses for Company Accounts during checkout.
  • 3rd Party App Update - TaxJar App updated to v3.0.1

3.65.0-0 19/Feb/2020

  • Improvement - Registration approval settings and site access restriction settings MOVED into Customers > Settings
  • Improvement - PO Number has been added to the Order List as a column

3.64.0-0 14/Feb/2020

  • Improvement - Customer Group Minimum Order Amounts Settings combined in Setup > Checkout Settings
  • Improvement - Admin Customer Create & Edit Screen settings updated

3.63.0-0 13/Feb/2020

  • Improvement - Setup > Shipping Methods page updated
  • Improvement - Setup > Shipping Methods > Flat Rates now show the user configured shipping method name
  • Improvement - "Add Products" link in Categories > Manage Products renamed to Add, Manage or Remove Products
  • Improvement - Ability to hide Discount Amount or Discount Code used on Orders or Quotes created in the admin

3.62.0-0 12/Feb/2020

  • Improvement - Ability to save "Additional Email Addresses for Order Notifications" on the Customer Account: Customers > Customer List > Edit Customer > Additional Email Addresses for Order Notification

3.61.0-0 12/Feb/2020

New Feature: Add Products to Order or Quote from Quick Order Form
Use Products > Quick Order Forms to build lists of products that can be quickly added to a Quote or Order in the Zoey Admin.

New Feature: Custom "Address" Attributes
Create custom customer attributes in Customers > Attributes that are specifically tied to individual addresses.

3.60.0-0 06/Feb/2020

New Feature: Log-in As Customer
From Customers > Customer List > Edit Customer, there is a new button to log-in as that customer.