2.0.17-0 28/Feb/2018

  • Fix - Arranging components in the Visual Design Editor now properly works
  • Fix - Drafted Header Logo Data does not get published

2.0.16-0 27/Feb/2018

  • Improvement - Size / border of the search bar in the Mega Menu is now adjustable
  • Fix - Buttons in cart disappearing with Minimum Order Amount
  • Fix - Cart Element not showing on front-end and products not able to add to cart
  • Fix - Edit Cart Page - If Tax is set to be calculated from the billing origin then the cart will no longer say "Estimate Shipping & Tax" but rather just "Estimate Shipping" as the billing zip code is not entered until the checkout and tax cannot be estimated at this time. The string of text was misleading. The string of text is remains the same if Tax is set to be calculated at the shipping destination.
  • Fix - Edit Cart was Adding Items to Cart instead of Editing them
  • Fix - Related Products Option 'Number of Columns on Mobile' issue
  • Fix - Account is missing from Header

2.0.15-0 27/Feb/2018

  • Improvement - Can now disable language or currency selectors in the Mega Menu
  • Improvement - Ability to control Navigation top-level underline, color and size
  • Improvement - Toggle for Mega Menu to hide/show thumbnails & additional info
  • Improvement - Mega Menu can now control the Active State for top-level nav
  • Fix - "Be the first to review" link not live on store view
  • Fix - Mega Menu Thumbnails causing skewed layouts
  • Fix - Gap in full width banner
  • Fix - Quickview button not resizing to fit text
  • Fix - Quickview button not loading on infinite scroll
  • Fix - Out of Stock message not showing on front-end

2.0.14-0 23/Feb/2018

  • Improvement - New Customer Registration can now force Company to be required
  • Improvement - Third Party App: Affirm - issues with Products and Cross-Sell Products resolved
  • Improvement - Third Party App: Amasty Out of Stock Notification made compatible with new Visual Design Editor
  • Fix - B2B Shipping Restrictions will now properly restrict Matrix Rates
  • Fix - B2B Payment/Shipping Restriction Page would not load if Payment/Shipping did not have a "Method Name" specified
  • Fix - Product Slider, Product Attribute not showing on Front End
  • Fix - Header issue - thumbnails causing skewed layout
  • Fix - Quickview not always showing View More Details link
  • Fix - Swatches showing placeholder image when selecting an option.
  • Fix - Trying to filter by Category on the Blog Post Grid did not work
  • Fix - Cart Element not showing on Front-End under certain conditions
  • Fix - Products not able to be added to the cart under certain conditions
  • Fix - Body covers header and footer when selected

2.0.13-0 22/Feb/2018

  • Improvement - Pre-select default variation to load when a configurable product is loaded.
  • Improvement - You can now choose to replace the SKU with the Configurable SKU instead of just showing them both at once
  • Improvement - Gift Cards now support Bulk Enable/Disable
  • Improvement - "DOES NOT CONTAIN" filter has been added to Product Filter (back-ported to Version 1.6.30-22)
  • Fix - Mobile Tabs Bugs
  • Fix - Product->Categories->Design Drop Down was not styled properly
  • Fix - Social Shares on Products un-selectable
  • Fix - Multiple Columns for Featured Products in Mobile View not working
  • Fix - Blocks not always appearing on mobile phones
  • Fix - Theme installation sometimes failed

2.0.12-0 21/Feb/2018

  • Fix - Product Page now fully supports translations
  • Fix - Mobile Version Not Displaying Blocks
  • Fix - reCaptcha at Checkout was not always working

2.0.11-0 20/Feb/2018

  • Improvement - You can now modify who an order was created by so if a Guest Customer created it you can associate it to an account or change the email address that was used.
  • Improvement - You can now hide struck out prices that appear when Customer Group Pricing is different than the base price. This is found under Products->Settings->Catalog Settings:Only Show Final Price of Product
  • Improvement - Category Import now supports multiple store views so you can import the translated values via CSV
  • Improvement - Third Parties can now directly add items to the "My Account" menu through their Apps
  • Improvement - X-Payments, Third Party App, updated to latest version
  • Fix - Broken Pages when switching Pages in the Design Editor resolved
  • Fix - Santi Header - fixed behavior for certain displays
  • Fix - Asset Manager Upload Image into File Asset Screen
  • Fix - Image Import Page would sometimes show a "Chrome Crash" error
  • Fix - Category Displaying 1 column of products
  • Fix - Abandoned Cart Grid was sometimes showing incorrect carts
  • Fix - Blank screen after watching YouTube Video in Full Screen
  • Fix - Renamed Templates retain their original name
  • Fix - Publish page Error (Duplicate URL)

2.0.10-0 16/Feb/2018

  • Improvement - Customer Groups can now define a "Login URL" to be redirected to after logging in.
  • Fix - Header & Cart were not always rendering properly
  • Fix - Slideshow loading askew
  • Fix - Quick Links in Account Page not Translatable
  • Fix - NEW/SALE flag remove width:100% on single product
  • Fix - Ability to Translate Galleries
  • Fix - Infinite Scroll stops Javascript from resizing product list
  • Fix - Font issue on new migrations
  • Fix - Custom Header Nav Links missing on Mobile Menu

2.0.9-0 15/Feb/2018

  • Fix - Multi Language - unable to edit
  • Fix - Downloadable Products now show correctly in the My Account Dashboard as well as various other cleanup items
  • Fix - Quick Action button not hiding when user has a modal open
  • Fix - Unable to duplicate old theme
  • Fix - Cannot add new pages to existing theme
  • Fix - Deleting an image in the file manager does not remove it until you close/reopen the file manager
  • Fix - Logo missing from header on other pages
  • Fix - Error Trying to Duplicate Category
  • Fix - HTML Block has Default Text Styling
  • Fix - Validation says Qty must be >0 on gGrouped/Bundled Products
  • Fix - Related/Cross Sell/Up-Sell not always appearing
  • Fix - Layout Settings Width Type Blank
  • Fix - Bottom Border of Selected State gets Hidden
  • Fix - Move Old Newsletter Blocks to Social
  • Fix - My Account Pages missing Meta Title
  • Fix - Context Menu Goes off screen

2.0.8-0 15/Feb/2018

  • Fix - New Header in some themes were not rendering correctly
  • Fix - Newsletter Component incorrectly showed an image
  • Fix - Information Banner issue in Santi Theme
  • Fix - Ajax Lazy Load did not take into account Filters set properly
  • Fix - Search Page Qty Box formatting

2.0.7-0 14/Feb/2018

  • Fix - Price 'Starting From' on Catalog Pages will not show Starting From is the Price of the Product and all Variations of that Product are the same and the Pricing model is set to Custom
  • Fix - Single Product Widget losing its Product on CMS Save / Re-open - fixed again x2
  • Fix - Customer Group Minimum Order Amounts would not save under Setup->B2B
  • Fix - Mobile Menu Search & Account Links are fixed

1.6.30-16 13/Feb/2018

  • Fix - Customer Group Minimum Order Amounts would not save under Setup->B2B

2.0.6-0 13/Feb/2018

  • Fix - reCaptcha for Checkout should now be fixed and on Advanced->reCaptcha menu
  • Fix - Single Product Widget losing its Product on CMS Save / Re-open - fixed again
  • Fix - Related Products Design Settings
  • Fix - Cannot turn Zoom off on Product Pages
  • Fix - URL in Banners and Buttons not saving
  • Fix - Content Slideshow Issue with the Image block
  • Fix - URLs in Banners and Buttons not saving

1.6.30-14 & 1.6.30-15 13/Feb/2018

  • Fix - reCaptcha for Checkout should now be fixed and on Advanced->reCaptcha menu
  • Fix - Customer Group Minimum Order Amounts would not save under Setup->B2B

2.0.5-0 12/Feb/2018

  • Fix - Add to Cart - sometimes would hang with new V2 themes
  • Fix - Multi-Language unable to edit
  • Fix - Filter setting issue - desktop vs mobile
  • Fix - Santi Header design setting for background color now adjustable
  • Fix - Brand Slider links not working
  • Fix - Quickview - Group Product was showing Add To Cart button when it should not have
  • Fix - Cannot save/close from Manage Asset Screen
  • Fix - Tiered Pricing levels lost after V2 Upgrade
  • Fix - Unable to translate Link in slideshow component

2.0.4-0 09/Feb/2018

  • Fix - Mobile Mini Cart was broken, now fixed
  • Fix - Variation and Custom Option Labels are now uniform
  • Fix - Slideshow slides to the left when trying to drag it in the Design Editor
  • Fix - Version Checker for Design Center Data to avoid accidental overwrite from multiple people trying to work on the same design at once
  • Fix - Cannot upload my Credit Card Icon Logos for Footer
  • Fix - Cannot Export Categories
  • Fix - Drop-down styling for PC Chrome/IE & Mac Firefox issues resolved
  • Fix - Single Product Widget losing its Product on CMS Save / Re-open
  • Fix - Related Product Design Settings
  • Fix - Product List Background set to Cover rather than Contain
  • Fix - Full width blocks not showing full width in the editor
  • Fix - CMS Errors should not overlap
  • Fix - Google Analytics eCommerce Tracking was lost, now restored
  • Fix - Logo missing from header on other pages
  • Fix - ShipperHQ Address Validation Issue

2.0.3-0 08/Feb/2018

  • Fix - Product List Settings Missing
  • Fix - Social Share & YotPo Reviews not loading on Product Page
  • Fix - Blog Feed sidebar does not have a way to select where the link goes
  • Fix - Brand Slideshow not showing in Mobile Footer
  • Fix - Change Blog Recent Posts Blog Subcategory Name
  • Fix - YotPo showing up even when YotPo is not enabled

2.0.2-0 07/Feb/2018

  • Fix - PayPal Express Checkout Button will now always appear on Product Pages
  • Fix - Featured Products can now be edited using Bulk Action in the Product List
  • Fix - Deleting a Homepage now works
  • Fix - CSS Assets will not delete themselves in the new Design Editor any longer

1.6.30-13 07/Feb/2018

  • Fix - PayPal Express Checkout Button will now always appear on Product Pages
  • Fix - Featured Products can now be edited using Bulk Action in the Product List

2.0.1-1 06/Feb/2018

  • Improvement - Apply Font To All Heading/Style Button
  • Improvement - WYSIWYG now has a Remove Format button in Product & Categories
  • Improvement - Forced reCaptcha on Customer Registration to prevent spam.
  • Fix - CMS Scroll Menu Sort order fixed
  • Fix - Nav Preset #4 hover bug
  • Fix - Gallery - full width background is not keeping height on front end
  • Fix - Tier Pricing not taking component font-size settings
  • Fix - Starting From Price not utilizing or taking any style from the design options
  • Fix - Brand slider pagination should show below slides
  • Fix - Design Center cache should not expire as quickly, helping performance
  • Fix - Brand Slideshow not allowed in Footer, now is
  • Fix - Fixed Meta Descriptions on all themes

1.6.30-12 06/Feb/2018

  • Improvement - Forced reCaptcha on Customer Registration to prevent spam.

2.0.0-1 05/Feb/2018

  • Fix - Removed old tours for the new Design Editor
  • Fix - Language & Currency Blocks looked broken
  • Fix - Body content not properly clearly the header

2.0.0-1 05/Feb/2018

  • Fix - Incorrect font set loading for themes

2.0.0 05/Feb/2018

Initial Release of the new Visual Design Editor and Zoey Version 2.0! Over 500 improvements, fixes, new features were released, too numerous to list them all here. We hope you enjoy this new version!

1.6.30-11 02/Feb/2018

1.6.30-8,9,10 and 11 were simply releases to finalize the Zoey Version 1 Product. No changes were made.

1.6.30-7 02/Feb/2018

  • Fix - If you are currently using Webgility you will need to go to the App Store and add it. Previously this App worked regardless of whether it was installed in your store. It is now mandatory to install it.