4.13.0-0 28/Dec/2020

  • Support added for Google Analytics GTAG.JS
  • Bulk Customization Sync will now "Archive" old versions of product customizations preserving previously saved options on Quotes.
  • Decimal Qty setting for Variations will now default to their parent Configurable product
  • Added "Created Date" column to Product List Grid and Filter options
  • Ability to hide specific Categories from Search
  • Email Preview will now use the correct store URL

4.12.0-4 16/Dec/2020

  • Revised Quote messages in Admin and Customer View with reason's the Quote may not be able to be converted to an Order such as Missing Address, or Missing Shipping Method.

4.12.0-0 12/Dec/2020


Featured Update: Store Credit

Refund (Credit Memo) orders to Store Credit. Manage Store Credit on Customers and Accounts. Store credit may be used for future purchases.

  • Updated Giftcard to fix checkout bug with multi-shipping checkout and split orders
  • Adding special_from_date and special_to_date to admin product list
  • Fix to allow Cybersource to create multiple invoices
  • Adding netterm API endpoint per customer
  • Quote emails will now show product attributes set to show in Emails
  • Increasing custom shipping_description column size
  • Adding Row Weight and Total Weight to Single/Multiple PickList
  • Disabled rate limit exception emails.

4.11.18-0 08/Dec/2020

  • Showing price totals in Pick Lists
  • Added product option max char validation to product configurator

4.11.17-0 07/Dec/2020

  • Adding qty remaining and grand total to picklist
  • Adding a way to log sales rep entity behavior

4.11.16-0 07/Dec/2020

  • Fixing issue with Payment Method not showing in PDFs
  • Split quotes now use parent quote to calculate discounts and conditions.
  • Prevent duplicate calculations on parent quote.
  • Fixed bug where coupon code would be displayed more than once if other discount rules applied.
  • Decoupling visible_in_cart and send_to_email attribute settings

4.11.15-0 03/Dec/2020

  • Allow Variation products to inherit "price suffix" from parent Configurable product for displaying child price on the FE

4.11.14-0 03/Dec/2020

  • Adding customer group values to the Increments/Packaging product export template
  • fixing issue where shipping_amount is being hidden and Credit Memo total doesn’t update

4.11.13-0 03/Dec/2020

  • Adding checkboxes to customizations in Pick List pdf’s
  • Fixing quote issue with custom price being removed after customization change.
  • Adding Billing Company and Billing Phone to order search.

4.11.12-0 02/Dec/2020

  • Added fix to only check entity types for sales, invoice, shipment, and memo when updating prefix and last increment ids.
  • Reformat dates to always have time 00:00:00 before calculating special price dates.
  • Added REST API endpoint to trigger quote email send.

4.11.11-0 02/Dec/2020

  • Removing auto-send from Giftcard edit screen

4.11.10-0 01/Dec/2020

  • Added cache clear to catalog rule apply and payment method save.
  • Adding attributeLabel to product list location attributes
  • Adding order attribute update to REST API

iOS v2.0.0 01/Dec/2020

  • Cart comments are now available for both Orders and Quotes.
  • Improvement to the Orders and Sales Quotes Experience
  • Added support for Quantity Increment "Packaging" feature in the iOS Catalog.
  • Search performance has been improved to find existing orders and quotes, including the ability to now search by email and billing company name.