3.57.0-0 20/Dec/2019

  • Improvement - Quote Audit Log now displays the IP address of the user that triggered the logged action.
  • Improvement - New Settings in Customers > Settings to remove the "Sign Up for Newsletter" checkbox from the registration form
  • Improvement - Delete Sales Quotes older than X days: A new setting has been added to Quotes > Settings > Quote Management that allows you to specify how many days before an un-submitted quote is deleted. Un-submitted Quotes are like abandoned shopping carts, but they do not show up in the Zoey admin. This setting is purely for clean-up of old abandoned quote-carts.
  • Improvement - FedEx Shipping Method has a new option to bypass Insurance calculation

3.56.0-0 17/Dec/2019

NEW FEATURE: Bundle Product - Case Quantity
Within the Bundle Product you can now set a Bundle Item group to Type = Case. A Case requires the customer to select a specific quantity of items from the Bundle Item Group before they are allowed to add to cart. This allows them to "build their own case".

3.55.0-0 13/Dec/2019

NEW FEATURE: Show Item and Order Weight
New settings have been added to Setup > Checkout Settings to show the product weight and cart/order weight in the checkout flow. When enabled the weight will show on the Shopping Cart, Checkout, Order Success, My Order View screen, PDFs and Emails. You can also set a "Weight Display Suffix to add a description to the weight.

  • Improvement - Add Product Create Time to Admin Edit Page

3.53.0-0 10/Dec/2019

If you are using the Stripe Payments App you can now enable Stripe ACH to accept ACH Payments.

  • Improvement - Quotes > Share - you now have control over whether or not the Quote PDF is included as an email attachment when sending the quote email.

3.52.0-0 04/Dec/2019

  • Improvement - Configurable Products > Variations: When custom information is set in "Inventory" the box now turns blue like it does for Pricing
  • Improvement - Products > Categories: New setting to configure if the category link shows in the Mobile and/or Desktop Navigation.
  • Improvement - Orders > Settings > Split Order new setting to append -A, -B, -C etc.... for Split Orders rather than -1, -2, -3 etc...

3.51.0-0 02/Dec/2019

  • Improvement - Shopping Cart - when configurable product variations are grouped, the group name will link to the configurable product page.