1.6.29-9 - 26/Dec/2017

  • Fix - Unable to update "Show Variation SKU" in the Product Page via CSV

1.6.29-8 - 21/Dec/2017

  • Improvement - Configurable Products and their Variations can now be marked as "Skip Ship" meaning that they will be treated as non-shippable products and will not be shipped. To enable this feature go to Product->Settings->Inventory->Advanced Options and then change Enable Non-Shippable Products to "Yes". By default this will be "No".
  • Fix - ShipWorks (Third Party Module) updated to resolve issue when exporting Orders with dashes it would break
  • Fix - "You must agree to all of the terms and conditions before continuing" in the Checkout can now be translated

Version 1.6.29-7 was an internal release. No release notes for this version.

1.6.29-6 - 18/Dec/2017

  • Fix - Under certain B2B Settings Permutation the wrong Options for Products were shown. This has been resolved.

Version 1.6.29-5 was an internal release. No release notes for this version.

1.6.29-4 - 15/Dec/2017

  • Fix - Product Search Grid did not always return results, has been fixed.

Skipped Versions 1.6.29-1, 1.6.29-2 and 1.6.29-3 for internal releases. No release notes for these versions.

1.6.29-0 - 15/Dec/2017

  • Improvement - X-Payments (Third Party App) upgraded to the newest version (1.8.4)
  • Improvement - Permission Management for Staff Accounts now includes the ability to give access to the "Advanced" menu or to "Advanced Limited" which will only enable Reindex, Refresh and File Manager
  • Improvement - The Attribute ID have been added to the Table for those using the API and need that information to make their API calls
  • Improvement - Cache & Index renamed to Index Management and takes you directly to the reindexing page. We hope to continue to make improvements to this section.
  • Improvement - reCaptcha can now be added to your checkout to prevent bots/spam from testing credit card numbers. You can enable this under Advanced->reCaptcha
  • Improvement - Magento Migrations will now correctly map Customer Group Pricing
  • Fix - Staff Accounts can now view Abandoned Carts

1.6.28-23 - 12/Dec/2017

  • Improvement - Clicking on a swatch will now unselect it if it is selected
  • Improvement - Customer Group Pricing / Tiered Pricing is now sorted by Group Name, Quantity and then Price so it is easier to see
  • Improvement - Uploading too large of an image will show an error message now. Previously it just wouldn't upload.

1.6.28-22 - 8/Dec/2017

  • Fix - Saving Swatches did not clear all caches correctly resulting in JavaScript errors. This has been resolved

1.6.28-21 - 1/Dec/2017

  • Improvement - Gift Cards can now be purchased in multiple quantities for the same person.
  • Fix - System Configuration Forms were sometimes not saving, they are now.

1.6.28-20 - 4/Dec/2017

  • Fix - When Configurable Product Shipping Weights were set to Fixed and a Variation Value existed the Variation Value took precedence over the Fixed Value. This has been corrected.

1.6.28-19 - 1/Dec/2017

  • Improvement - Gift Cards within Products->Gift Cards the transaction history can now be exported to CSV
  • Improvement - Order Export will now also export Order Comments left by customer
  • Fix - B2B Category Restrictions and Multi Language switching back and forth sometimes did not always reset the language to what was selected