4.8.6-0 30/Aug/2020

  • Improvement - Added show/hide images and price settings for abandoned cart product grid
  • Improvement - Added wishlist icon picker to accountLinks and accountContent design blocks
  • Improvement - When an admin changes a customer's password, it will be saved immediately.
  • Improvement - QuickBooks: When using tax rates instead of AST, select default QB tax code instead of default QB tax rate.
  • Improvement - Added ability to use swatch in product view table
  • Improvement - Added ability to set 'in new window' on header top menu links', set default registration newsletter value, fixing issue with search bar init

4.8.5-0 27/Aug/2020

  • Improvement - Improvements to Salesforce integration
  • Improvement - Improvements to email link log-in/redirect to always take user to the correct page
  • Improvement - Enhanced QB logging details, can now clear last run time, throw error in sync if lookup field missing.
  • Improvement - Adding customer to abandoned cart email. Adding ability to update email variables.
  • Improvement - Log-in to view price can now be made clickable for the global price replace setting.
  • Improvement - Adding 'Is Admin Order' filter to order grid

4.8.4-0 24/Aug/2020

  • Improvement - Variations incorrectly linked and now removed when fetching stored child collection.
  • Improvement - Updated user_assigned_accounts restriction to check customer group and company account updated company account restriction to check company sales rep
  • Improvement - Fixed broken sales rep attribute filters for customer, order, quote grids
  • Improvement - Fixed teams > user custom permissions edit not being able to set account access to user_assigned_accounts

4.8.3-0 20/Aug/2020

  • Improvement - Added NetTerm to list of allowed spit order payment methods

4.8.2-0 18/Aug/2020

  • Improvement - Restored password_hash in customer API response
  • Improvement - Added product SKU to quote grid search
  • Improvement - Added error log for QuickBooks
  • Improvement -Added "Send Email" option when duplicating a quote from the admin
  • Improvement - Added track inventory setting, added account type and subtype to drop-downs

4.8.1-0 17/Aug/2020

  • Improvement - Added validation rules to quote statuses
  • Improvement - Added additional checks for Order/Quote status settings
  • Improvement - Fixing issue with Authorize.net Direct Post Credit Card form
  • Improvement - Updated Special Price attribute name to be Sale price. Adding tooltip in product edit screen
  • Improvement - Added ability to generate oauth token and secret for oauth consumers.
  • Improvement - Added API Endpoint to retrieve list of company accounts customer can use in checkout. Company can now be specified with checkout api.

4.8.0-0 17/Aug/2020

  • Improvement - Ability to Import Products & Customers direct from the Product and Customer List Page
  • Improvement - Product Export Templates (Bulk Actions > More Export Templates) for exporting specific data from selected products.

4.7.0-0 04/Aug/2020

NEW FEATURE - Teams - New UI for managing Admin Users
Managing Admin Users and setting permissions is now easier than ever. Use Teams > Roles & Permissions to build access roles that can be assigned to multiple users.

NEW FEATURE - Billing/License Manager - For managing Licenses & monthly billing

  • Improvement - Domain Manager - New UI for adding/managing Web Portal Domain (URL)

4.6.0-0 03/Aug/2020

  • Improvement - Improved Set Password flow - Auto-logs in user after setting their password for the first time.
  • Improvement - Fix to Login Redirect to take user directly to page from Email Link
  • Improvement - New Order Export for Shipping/Item Info
  • Improvement - Order/Invoice PDF Update with PAID/UNPAID and Balance Due
  • Improvement - Ability to include product attributes in Order Export CSV