3.29.0-0 28/Aug/2019

NEW FEATURE - Quotes - Ability to set Item to 0 Qty
This feature allows you to set the quantity of a Product on a Quote to 0 for the purpose of showing your customer the product price without having to add it to the Quote Total.

  • Improvement - API Method for Updating Order Attributes
  • Improvement - API Method for Checking and Updating Index Mode

3.28.0-0 27/Aug/2019

NEW FEATURE: Staff Accounts - Restrict data to specific attribute
This new feature allows you to lock down staff accounts to view data that belongs to specific Product, Customer or Order Attributes. For instance, you can give admin access to a Vendor (Vendor A) and limit the admin to only them orders that have products where the attribute "Vendor" is set to "Vendor A.

  • Improvement - Special Price can now be used to build Promotions > Sales and Discounts
  • Improvement - PO Number will now be included with the Payment Method attribute for PickList PDFs
  • Improvement - Quotes - You can now set Status Colors for Quote Statuses (just like Order Statuses)

3.27.0-0 22/Aug/2019

NEW FEATURE: Allow Customers to search Information Pages
This feature is only available for certain plans. When Blog > Settings > Enable Blog Posts in Search Results is turned on, you will now have a setting in Edit My Design in the Theme Gear Icon settings > Search > Enable Information Pages in Search Results. This will add your Information Pages to the Site Search on your Store along with Products and Blog Posts.

  • Improvement - New Category & Product Design Template selector
  • Improvement - Quotes - View List of Quotes on the Customer Edit screen
  • Improvement - PDFs will all Download rather than open the Browser Print window

3.26.0-0 21/Aug/2019

  • Improvement - NEW Quotes PDFs: Quotes now uses our newest PDF Templates. Choose "Modern" or "Classic" templates in Quotes > PDF Settings. You can also configure the item sorting, product image size, orientation (portrait or landscape), product attributes to show in the items list, and custom text for the PDF Header, Above Items and Ending Message.
  • Improvement - Order and Quotes: Hide Discount Column from PDF & Email if no discounts. This hides the Discount column rather than showing $0.00
  • Improvement - Quotes - New settings to always hide Product Price and hide Product Qty Columns on Quote Emails & PDFs and in the Customer My Account Quote View. The Subtotal and Grand Totals will still appear, but individual row totals and quantities may now be hidden.

3.25.0-0 19/Aug/2019

  • Improvement - Quotes & Orders List can now have Sales Rep Column
  • Improvement - Quotes - When duplicating a Quote, you will be asked if you want to carry over the Expiration Date or not.

3.24.0-0 15/Aug/2019

  • Improvement - Quotes - Improved experience for Expired Quotes makes it faster and easier to adjust or remove expiration dates.
  • Improvement - Show “Available Qty” when creating Quotes and Orders in the Admin. New setting: Orders > Settings > Show Available Qty (Stock) on Items List

3.23.0-0 14/Aug/2019

  • Improvement - Shipping Method > Table Rates, new setting to use Discount Subtotal. When set to Yes, the amount used to determine the shipping rate will use the subtotal minus the discount. Only applicable to Condition Price vs. Destination.
  • Improvement - Quotes - Send email when customer modifies quote. New setting to enable this feature in Quotes > Settings > Quote Email Settings > Quote Updated Email
  • Improvement - Variation Options have been moved into their own section of the Product Edit Screen.
  • Improvement - New Variation Option setting - When Product Restrictions are enabled, you can now set "Hide Product Variations" for each product. To set this value you must first make the product is restricted.

3.22.0-0 13/Aug/2019

  • Improvement - Quotes: New Settings for Attachments - Default for Visible To Customer and Email To Customer in Quotes > Settings

3.21.0-0 12/Aug/2019

New Feature: - Customer Group Setting to Restrict Customer Quote Submission to Products with the same Attribute Value.
This feature allows you to ensure all items in a quote that has been submitted by a customer has the same value for a specified attribute. For example, if your store sells multiple brands of products, you can ensure each quote submitted only contains products from 1 brand.

  • Improvement - Quotes: Ability to set a Custom Discount Amount
  • Improvement - Quotes: Added Duplicate Quote button to Quote View Page (In the "Totals" Section)
  • Improvement - Quotes: Ability to edit/delete a Comment (Changes recorded in Audit Log)
  • Improvement - Quotes: Audit Log now auto-refreshes
  • Improvement - Quotes: Shipping Method is no longer removed when changing non-totals-impacting values.

3.20.0-0 07/Aug/2019

New Admin Quotes User Interface
We have upgraded the Quotes interface in the admin to include a new list page with Tabs, Filtering, Search, and "row actions" for printing PDFs, editing and deleting quotes. The Quote Edit page also now features Auto-Save and Share capabilities. It also has our latest Product Search & Add interface making it faster and easier to build your Quotes.

New Feature: Quick Product Create
In the Admin Order Create screen as well as the Admin Quote Edit screen, you can not quickly create products on-the-fly to be added to your Order or Quote. Click the "Create New Product" link in the Items section to open the quick product create form.

3.19.0-0 05/Aug/2019

  • Improvement - Images are now automatically optimized per Google's recommendation to serve images in next-gen formats and efficiently encode images. This should improve loading time for images under certain devices and connections.
  • Improvement - Purchase Order Payment Method: set Minimum & Maximum Order Amount per Customer Group