2.12.1-0 30/Aug/2018

  • Improvement - Billing Role can now be assigned to Staff Accounts by either selecting "Full Access + Billing" or "Limited Access" and enabling the "Billing" option. This will enable Staff Accounts to be able to access the account's Billing Portal as well as be able to receive email/invoice PDFs about the account.
  • Improvement - Limit "Add to Quote" to specific SKUs - this is a setting within the Product Page
  • Improvement - Sale Price now accepts value of 0
  • Improvement - Category List Block can be collapsed in the Mobile view
  • Fix - Various fixes to the Visual Design Editor

2.12.0-1 29/Aug/2018

  • Improvement - "Edit Tab" buttons were cutoff on shorter screens
  • Fix - Created date/time on order list was incorrect

2.12.0-0 29/Aug/2018

  • Improvement - Order Attributes launches! You can now add fields to the checkout. See Orders->Attributes for more information.
  • Improvement - B2B Last Ordered Items Page in My Account launched. You can add a link to it from the Visual Design Editor and opening up the My Account template
  • Improvement - New user interface for Order Statuses found under Orders->Order Status Settings
  • Improvement - Advanced->Import&Export->Image Import->Manage you now have an "Export Image Paths to CSV" button to produce a CSV
  • Improvement - API Improvement: When making the standard API calls for salesOrderList and salesOrderInfo, details for created invoices, shipments, and credit memos are accessible in the API response by the following keys: order_invoices, order_shipments, order_creditmemos
  • Improvement - API Improvement: New field in the WSDL for Customers "zoey_customer_confirmation" when set to 1 will bypass the confirmation needed and set to 2 will send the email for the account to confirm
  • Improvement - Force Cancel an Order. If cancelling an order fails, the option to force cancel will now appear
  • Improvement - Ability to change the color of status in the Custom Account
  • Improvement - Ability to view "Unviewed orders". The Viewed Orders column appears at the far left, before the checkboxes, when enabled in a grid. A filled dot indicates a viewed order, so if you see an empty dot, it hasn't been reviewed yet.
  • Improvement - Product->Attributes "Send in emails" is now possible to include the attribute in emails sent to customers

2.11.0-3 22/Aug/2018

  • Improvement - Setting to not show "There are no children category of "
  • Improvement - Removed 'description'/'short description' from the default product export. You will now need to manually add those columns if you want them

2.11.0-0 21/Aug/2018

  • Improvement - You can now create your own filters in the Orders List screen
  • Fix - Product Export missing child products in category filter
  • Fix - The way taxes were represented on the Invoice PDF is now clearer
  • Fix - Currency warning emails for deprecated Fixer.io service should no longer be triggered
  • Fix - Visual Design Editor bug fixes to data structures

2.10.3-1 17/Aug/2018

  • Fix - Orders were not being able to be properly loaded, this has been resolved.

2.10.3-0 17/Aug/2018

  • Improvement - Contact Us is now a component in the Visual Design Editor and can be placed on any page.
  • Fix - Unable to Bulk Change Status on a large number of orders
  • Fix - Archiving Credit Memos increased stock amounts

2.10.2-1 & 2.10.2-2 & 2.10.2-3 16/Aug/2018

  • Fix - Visual Design Editor not loading Blog if put on homepage
  • Fix - Verbiage on Invoice, Shipment and Credit Memo cleaned up
  • Fix - Unable to add Mini-Quote to Header
  • Fix - Third Party App - ShipTheory made compatible with new Order Grid
  • Fix - 1 Variation out of stock made the entire Configurable Product out of stock under certain configurations

2.10.2-0 15/Aug/2018

  • Improvement - Minimum Order Quantities can now be set to be calculated across variations! Enable this feature under Product->Settings->Inventory->Enable Product Min Qty Across Variations
  • Fix - Various fixes throughout the application

2.10.1-0 13/Aug/2018

  • Improvement - Quick View Modal will now scroll as needed to show the appropriate amount of text
  • Improvement - Added Shipping & Payment Method Columns to Invoice, Shipment and Credit Memo Grid
  • Fix - Blog URL Breadcrumb had "/index/index" sometimes in the URL
  • Fix - Staff Account Data Restrictions

2.10.0-0 13/Aug/2018

  • Improvement - The Order, Invoice, Shipment and Credit Memo grids are all new! We hope you enjoy them.
  • Improvement - You can now set attributes to be used in the Product search in Products->Attributes.
  • Improvement - Within the Product Grid under Bulk Actions you can now Change Order Status
  • Improvement - Advanced Quick Order can now show the Name/Image of Pre-filled Products
  • Fix - Advanced eCommerce Analytics Properly Tracking Add To Cart
  • Fix - Blog Feed Component was not visible in the Visual Design Editor
  • Fix - Duplicate Schema Conflict issues resolved if you were using third party reviews
  • Fix - Mega Menu thumbnails not always showing on the front end
  • Fix - Mobile Nav Links lost formatting
  • Fix - Gift Message missing from Packing Slip PDF

2.9.0-0 06/Aug/2018

  • Improvement - Added an option to only expand the Active Category in the side bar filter
  • Improvement - My Account Links in the Visual Design Editor can now be specified by Customer Groups
  • Improvement - Mobile Header WYSIWYG Sections now available
  • Improvement - Third Party App - Stitchlabs Updated

2.8.0-0 02/Aug/2018

  • Improvement - Within Product->Attributes the ID of the Attribute is now shown
  • Improvement - Within Product->Attributes a "Merge Attribute Value" now exists to merge values such as "purple" and "Purple" which may cause duplicate dropdown choices
  • Improvement - Warning when account is in a "Past Due" billing state
  • Fix - Several small Visual Design Editor fixes

2.7.1-0 01/Aug/2018

  • Improvement - Third Party App - BizSyncXL Updated