4.18.13-0 30/Apr/2021

  • Translating shipping method on quote convert
  • Adding auto adjust for min qty when adding products to the wishlist

4.18.12-0 29/Apr/2021

  • Fixed bug where tax rule name could not be changed.

4.18.11-0 28/Apr/2021

  • Fixed product custom url attributes csv import. added product custom url attributes to admin grid columns, filters, edit product bulk edit.
  • Fixed invoicing email button alignment.
  • Added separate tracking key for giftcard amounts so they can be restored when permissions allow.
  • Fixed store switcher not setting always log in by checking for id key as well as domain_id.

4.18.10-0 27/Apr/2021

  • New Feature: Payment Method Surcharge - Ability to add a percentage surcharge for orders placed with a specific payment method. (Purchase Order, Cash On Delivery, Bank Transfer, Auth.net Support Added)
  • New Feature: Custom Product URL - Allows a product in a category page to redirect a user to a custom URL - can be used to show Variations in the category but link the customer to the Configurable Product.
  • Added new branding button - Button 3
  • Added config setting to upload new logo for the bill pay page
  • Updating default newsletter setting to affect checkout as well
  • Added CSV and API support for product customization option properties date_offset_min and date_offset_max
  • Updating slider option to not wait for animation
  • Updating product align to work if slideshow isn’t multiple rows

4.18.8-0 26/Apr/2021

  • New Feature: Payment Method Surcharge - Ability to add a percentage surcharge for orders placed with a specific payment method. (Check/Money Order)
  • Surcharge can now include other totals when processing. Display preview on payment methods list.
  • API Update - adding ability to set custom price for quote/cart product
  • API Update - adding support for Order/Quote line item comments
  • Added min/max day buffer to product date/datetime customizations (works the same way as the day buffer settings in order attributes).
  • Added product setting to display date/datetime customizations as native date/datetime-local fields. Fixed product customizations not appearing in quickview when Hide Product Customizations setting is enabled.
  • Fixed product customization sku adjustment/price adjustment save error.
  • Adding auto adjust qty update to quote quickAdd
  • Removed wishlist link from VDE product essentials table row
  • Updated lasted ordered invalid configuration label to unavailable with tooltip
  • Adding swatch styles for mobile configurable product view

4.18.7-0 23/Apr/2021

  • Mobile Design Header - Changing Menu Icon to "X" when open
  • Adding tablet/mobile column count settings to subcategory list
  • Added Account Net Terms aggregate date to CSV export
  • Update to mobile mini cart to only scroll items instead of entire cart
  • Fixed product customizations group price ui error

4.18.6-0 22/Apr/2021

  • NetSuite Integration Update - Support for Canceling Orders in Zoey - Closes Sales Order in NetSuite
  • NetSuite Integration Update - Ability to track prices and inventory from different NetSuite items for a single Product in Zoey - This allows assembly item inventory to be tracked better.
  • Fixed product page variation prices breaking with price restriction when multiple variations have the same price

4.18.5-0 21/Apr/2021

  • New Feature: Added ability to deny pending orders.
  • Added status filter to Customer (FE) Pending Orders Grid
  • Updated filter build conditional to support IF expression as attribute.
  • Added the "Pending Order Denied" email.

4.18.4-0 20/Apr/2021

  • Adding fixes for system settings not having delete option
  • Fixed simple product prices not hidden on grouped product page
  • Fixed "qty left" display value removing decimal
  • Allowing backorder to be set on super mode quote items

4.18.1/2-0 16/Apr/2021

  • "Is Restricted" setting now controls customer restriction, will work in addition to customer group restriction instead of on top of, adding audit log support
  • Adding CSV Import/Export support for customer / account product restriction
  • Fixing issue with multiple location filtering
  • Disabling customer restriction
  • Logic added to hide "change sales rep" buttons if not allowed to do so.
  • Added Sales Rep Override element into role edit page. Added new action permission for updating sales reps.

4.18.0-0 15/Apr/2021

  • New Feature: Customer Specific Products - Ability to associate products with Customers or Accounts/Locations so only those specified can view/order the products.
  • Fixing issues with data saving and loading from events
  • Adding support for "Can Change Sales Rep Assignment"
  • Fixing packaging enable to only work when qty increments is configured directly on the product
  • Updating permission logic: adding location editor support, updating messaging
  • Updating number formatting
  • Allowing trial users to test email preview
  • Adding "Below Quote Buttons" as checkout settings location option
  • Adding weight attribute for promos

4.17.13-0 13/Apr/2021

  • Added ability to Print Bills in the Admin
  • Added Product Attribute and Group Price changes to the Product Audit Log.
  • Added Product Tier Price changes to the Product Audit Log.
  • Added Product Customization changes to the Product Audit Log.
  • Giftcard supported added for split quote when balance is greater than totals.
  • Giftcard support added for split quotes when gift card balance is less than order total.

4.17.12-0 12/Apr/2021

  • Adding api path support to getIsEmailDispatchingRoute method

4.17.10/11-0 09/Apr/2021

  • Updated product attribute Design block to show variation attribute value even if parent product does not have set attribute value
  • Split out settings for display weight for email and pdf from cart settings
  • Added descriptive error message to discount code apply when all items have apply discount disabled.
  • Added check to apply discount code link in Admin Order Create/Quote Create totals to see if there are items with apply discount and if not, disable link with msg.
  • Updated Quotes audit log to include item apply discount change in the log details.
  • added Admin Order Create/Quote Create items Bulk Action to enable/disable discount apply

4.17.9-0 08/Apr/2021

  • Fixed quote auto-apply discounts to items setting not being applied correctly.
  • Updated Admin Quote screen to load additional email field with quote customer’s additional emails

4.17.8-0 07/Apr/2021

  • New Feature: Ability to import Sales Reps onto Customers and Accounts via CSV. sales_rep_emails is the column header (comma separated field) for the customer CSV import. account_sales_rep_emails is the column header (comma separated field) for the Accounts CSV import.
  • Updated Admin Order Create/Quote Create to auto assign shipping/payment methods if only one method is available.
  • Fixed Quotes shipping method list not applying company restrictions
  • Added angular element to specify to always use tax code.
  • Updating wishlist check for allow add to quote
  • Added word break style to checkout review shipping method to prevent it from overlapping the payment method

4.17.7-0 05/Apr/2021

  • Added “receive own email” and “receive email as cc” account permissions for quotes, orders, and bills.
  • Fixed company shipping/payment method change persisting during location edit in the UI even after location override for updated methods are saved.
  • Adding customer variable to sales entity emails
  • Fixing issue with Admin Order Create Packaging configuration
  • Added table view mode to Admin Order Create/Quote Create for configurable products.
  • Fixing address shipping address error

4.17.5-0 01/Apr/2021

  • Added tooltip to begin_netterm_after_shipping setting. Updated all instances of “NetTerms” in labels and comments to “Net Terms”
  • Making additional updates to packaging including adding cart/quote summary packaging edit and UX updates for table/grid view product lists
  • Adding ship cart icon
  • Adding contact form send to setting tooltip