3.78.0-0 22/Apr/2020

New Feature: Registration Thank You Page Redirect
Redirect your customer account registrations to a custom landing page that allows you to add tracking scripts for your analytics. Learn More Here

3.77.0-0 22/Apr/2020

New Feature: Minimum Quantity to Place An Order
In Setup > Checkout Settings you can now specify a minimum Order Quantity.

3.76.0-0 22/Apr/2020

New Feature: Integrations
Zoey Integrations launches with a connection to Salesforce CRM. Connect to your Salesforce account, then map Salesforce Objects to Zoey Customers, Products, Categories, Orders and Quotes.

  • Improvement - Sales Rep(s) Column added to Customers > Customers List. Add from the gear icon Column Selector.
  • Improvement - New template for Related Products to match the roll-over product upsell template.

3.75.0-0 15/Apr/2020

  • Improvement - Expose Customer Email Address in Global HTML as Js Variable


Customer Variables that can be accessed with Javascript from any page:

  • 'customerId'
  • 'customerEmail'
  • 'customerFirstName'
  • 'customerLastName'
  • Improvement - Ability to add Customer Attributes to the Customer Information block in Edit My Design > My Account

3.74.0-0 08/Apr/2020

New Feature: Order Attachments
You can now add attachments to orders when creating or viewing/editing orders.

3.74.0-0 07/Apr/2020

  • Improvement - Show Weight on Items and Totals has been added to Order Emails and PDFs
  • Improvement - Customer Group Customer/Address Attributes now work on Admin Order and Quote Create screens.

3.72.0-0 01/Apr/2020

New Feature: Customer Group Registration Forms
In Customers > Settings you can now add multiple registration form pages for as many customer groups as you like. You can also configure the URL of the form page, if the form requires Admin Approval, and who the pending approval email is sent to.


Feature Enhancement

This is an enhancement to the "Customer Approval" feature. Previous users of the /r/registration form for "B2B Registration" have been automatically migrated to use the new settings.

  • Improvement - Customer and Address Attributes Moved. The following attribute settings have been moved from Customers > Settings and Setup > Checkout Settings to Customers > Attributes. Prefix, Middle Name, Suffix, Telephone, Fax, Company, and Tax/VAT ID. You can now also manage if you want these attributes (and all others) to show for specific customer groups.