3.0.0-0 30/Apr/2019

Zoey Version 3 Released!
Our new updated look and feel makes it faster and easier to access the pages you use every day.

Major Changes:
New Blue Sidebar with quick useful links

  • My Account menu has been moved to the ●●● icon below the "Z" Zoey icon
  • System Alerts have been moved to the 🔔icon
  • View My Store moved to the blue sidebar
  • Launch Center and Latest News links moved to the blue sidebar
  • Apps moved to the blue sidebar
  • File Manager moved from Advanced menu to the blue sidebar
  • New Import & Export Menu added to the blue sidebar
  • Need Help? - The Support menu has been moved to below the Version Number at the top of the navigation.

Setup > B2B Has been Removed

  • Site Access Restrictions has been moved to the Set-up Menu
  • Shipping & Payment Restrictions has been moved to the Set-up Menu
  • Customer "Registration Approval Settings" has been moved to the Customers Menu
  • Category and Product Restriction settings have been moved to the Products Menu and renamed "Catalog Restrictions"

2.51.0-0 23/Apr/2019

  • Feature - Limit Customer Groups to Specific Language and Currencies Learn More
  • Feature - Ability to Edit Shipment Tracking Carriers and Tracking URLs in Orders > Settings
  • Feature - Allow Tier Price to be Applied when the Sum of Multiple Variations meets the tier price threshold Learn More
  • Feature - 3D Secure for PayPal and Authorize.net through Cardinal Commerce for PSD2/SCA Compliance
  • Improvement - Slideshow - Ability to Edit Mobile Text Size For "Subtitle"

2.50.1-0 - 2.50.3-0 15-21/Apr/2019

  • Improvement - Quotes > Settings: Auto-Hide Add to Cart & Auto Hide Price are now two settings
  • Improvement - Quotes will not email expiration reminders after they have been converted to an order.
  • Improvement - Partial Addresses and company information now included in Quote PDFs
  • Fix - Quote Cart broken in header
  • Fix - Add to Quote not translating on category pages
  • Fix - Add to Quote and Add to Cart buttons not lining up
  • Fix - Quote mini-cart not working
  • Fix - Header Navigation - missing items
  • Fix - Single Pick List Printing Problem
  • Fix - Customer Terms & Agreements block checkout
  • Fix - "Posted in 0" message incorrectly appearing on the blog
  • Fix - Move "Limit Free Shipping to States" in Free Shipping Settings (Instead of Discount Rule)
  • Fix - Category Thumbnails not appearing
  • Fix - Product Scroll Gaps
  • Fix - Payment Page not loading
  • Fix - Unable To Duplicate Product
  • Fix - Cannot save product with long SKU after duplicate

2.50.0-0 15/Apr/2019

  • Feature - Quotes now works with Avalara Tax Rates
  • Feature - Configurable Product - Hide Base Price: New setting added to Products > Settings: Display Base Price of Configurable Product Price Type Custom This will make pricing not show up on a configurable product until a variation is selected.
  • Fix - B2B Registration Pending, Approval and Administrator Alert do not respect FROM:
  • Fix - Glew.io connection - does not work for staff accounts

2.49.0-0 12/Apr/2019

  • Feature - "Only X Left" Threshold can now be set per Product! For Simple Products open the Product, scroll down to Inventory, click on +Advanced Inventory Settings and you can set it there. For Configurable Products, you can find it under the Variation Inventory Options.
  • Feature - Show Variation Product Attribute Value.For example, you may want to show the variation's shipping weight, detailed description, SKU, or other Custom Attributes when the customer selects the variation on your product page. This feature allows you to do that. Learn more at https://support.zoey.com/docs/showing-attributes-from-variations

2.48.1-0 11/Apr/2019

  • Fix - Product Image Gallery - click to enlarge not working when resize is disabled
  • Fix - Login Issues
  • Fix - Frontend Filter Display Distorted
  • Fix - Image not visible in admin screen when creating new product

2.48.0-0 10/Apr/2019

  • Feature - Within Setup->Shipping->Free Shipping you now have the option of hiding all other Shipping Methods if Free Shipping is eligible.
  • Feature - EXIF Support - All images uploaded now support EXIF metadata to ensure correct orientation and other EXIF parameters

  • Feature - Rotate Image - It is now possible to rotate an image directly in Zoey. Click on the Cog Icon next to the image in Product/Categories or use the File Manager and click on an Image and then "Edit Image".

2.47.0-0 05/Apr/2019

  • Feature - Address Type - Within USPS, UPS and FedEx settings, you can enable Delivery Service = Customer Specifies at Checkout. Then during the checkout process, the customer will be asked if this is a residential or commercial address. Address Type can be updated and saved on the customer's addresses.
  • Feature - Quantity Box +- buttons now respect Quantity Increments and will step up/down to match the specified increments for the product.
  • Feature - Ability to change Cart, Quote and Account icons in the Header blocks within Edit My Design
  • Fix - Zoey Admin asks you to login again even if you're not idle
  • Fix - Stamped.io not taking you to review
  • Fix - Northern Ireland - missing counties

2.46.0-0 01/Apr/2019

  • Feature - Customer Group & Translated Product Attachments - You can now restrict product attachments to specific customer groups as well as upload different attachments for your different languages
  • Improvement - Customer > My Account > Address Book Page Improvements
  • Improvement - Update Wishlist Page to Match look & feel of Ordered Items Page
  • Improvement - Mobile View - Language & Currency now have their own settings
  • Improvement - Orders -> Advanced Filter: You can now search orders by Customer or Admin Comments/History
  • Improvement - Customers -> Pending Approval now goes to the Order List with the Pending Approval tab expanded.
  • Fix - "Custom Carrier" Tracking Codes will now be plain-text in emails and my account
  • Fix - Product block is broken on hover
  • Fix - PDF Picklist not sorting by Attribute Option Sort
  • Fix - YotPo missing data
  • Fix - Variation grid table prevents different quantities for children
  • Fix - Product Page Quantity Box Padding Issue
  • Fix - Password reset email - logo missing max dimensions