2.0.50-0 30/Apr/2018

  • Fix - Minor Visual Design Editor fixes

2.0.49-0 29/Apr/2018

  • Improvement - New Dashboard Launches
  • Improvement - Video Banner now supports Vimeo videos
  • Fix - Grouped Products not adding to the cart when a global minimum quantity is set

2.0.48-0 26/Apr/2018

  • Improvement - Google Advanced Ecommerce Analytics Launches
  • Improvement - Ability to show short description on product lists
  • Improvement - Creating a New Category now shows the B2B section before saving

2.0.47-0 24/Apr/2018

  • Improvement - Products->Categories B2B restrictions are now in alphabetical order
  • Improvement - Shipment Emails with Tracking Numbers will now automatically link to their configured shipping provider tracking page (USPS/UPS/DHL/FedEx)
  • Improvement - Slideshow now has the option to "Pause on Mouse Hover" or to keep playing if the mouse is hovered on the slideshow
  • Improvement - Product Listings on Category Pages can now be set to 2 columns for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile
  • Improvement - New setting: Products->Settings->Catalog->"+ Advanced Options"->"Maximum Inventory to show". Setting this will limit the maximum quantity shown as available. For example if you put 25 and there are 30 left in stock it will say 25+. Set this number to 0 to always show the true count of inventory.
  • Improvement - YotPo (Third Party App) upgraded to the latest version most notably now correctly renders the product review ratings for SEO and should show the correct star count (average review/total reviews) on search results by search engines
  • Improvement - New Setting: Product->Settings->Custom Options, "Display Option SKUs", "Display Option Prices". This will result in those Customization fields to be shown on the Shopping Cart, During Checkout, Order Confirmation email and Invoice
  • Fix - File Manager will not show a warning for >1MB uploads when non-image types are uploaded
  • Fix - Adding images to a category may add it to other categories.

2.0.46-0 19/Apr/2018

  • Improvement - The compare feature has been re-styled. In addition, within Product->Settings you can adjust the default items that show up. Within Product->Attributes you can now check off "Used in Compare". Drag in the Compare Block
  • Fix - Google Reviews not always showing on the site
  • Fix - AJAX Scrolling lost B2B Verbiage
  • Fix - View Template As Modal not scrolling when lots of products
  • Fix - YotPo Rich Snippets Issue resolved
  • Fix - Comments missing in PDF exports

2.0.45-0 17/Apr/2018

  • Improvement - Massive changes to how the Visual Design Editor renders the front end of sites. All Zoey Version 2 Stores should notice a massive speed improvement. We're excited to continue to deliver performance optimization to continue powering your site as quickly as possible.

2.0.44-0 15/Apr/2018

  • Improvement - Periods "." can now be used in SKUs
  • Improvement - Image Only Slideshow Block Added! Allows you to make the slideshow any size you want.
  • Improvement - Product Essentials now let you add Attributes in specific places within the Product Attributes Block.
  • Improvement - Product Essentials basic spacing/design controls is now possible. If you do not see it, delete the current block and drag it back into your template to get the latest one
  • Improvement - New Tax Settings within Setup->Tax->Tax Settings
  • Fix - Abandoned Carts did not always send the correct currency
  • Fix - PayPal checkout issues relating to One Time Charges, Gift Cards and Tax and Order Status not always being applied properly
  • Fix - Mobile Filter Colors
  • Fix - Header bug and spacing on product attribute table
  • Fix - Deleting customer sometimes gave an "invalid form key" error

2.0.43-0 09/Apr/2018

Internal Release - no release notes

2.0.42-0 09/Apr/2018

  • Improvement - Advanced Quick Order Launches! Learn more here
  • Improvement - Product List Block in the Visual Design Editor now lets you select a category from which to pull the data from.
  • Improvement - Product Image - Click to Enlarge is now available. You can go to the Visual Design Editor, Product Template and in the Product Media Block (Product Image Gallery) enable the setting
  • Fix - Order Success Variables not always printing
  • Fix - Gift Card Styling issues
  • Fix - Filters did not work when placed right of the products
  • Fix - Publishing Issues Resolved
  • Fix - Cart sometimes showed the wrong value for attributes
  • Fix - Attribute selection issue when two attributes have the same label
  • Fix - Product Slider on mobile missing # of products setting

2.0.41-0 06/Apr/2018

  • Improvement - Multi-Column Customization, learn more at: https://support.zoey.com/docs/customization-multi-column-layouts
  • Improvement - Store Locator App added, Stockist.io. Learn more at https://support.zoey.com/docs/store-locator-stockistco
  • Improvement - Related Products Block has additional customizations
  • Fix - View Template As not changing category
  • Fix - Homepage jumping scrolling when stopped below slider
  • Fix - Setting to move custom options after variations now fixed
  • Fix - Overlapping text in Edit My Design page with long template names
  • Fix - Product Media Gallery bottom Border missing
  • Fix - Image Gallery Padding

2.0.40-0 03/Apr/2018

  • Improvement - Large refactoring in the Design Center around Publishing Pages. More options now appear to publish and save as draft. Also resolved issues with pages not always being able to be published or rendering the right template.
  • Improvement - Product List Blocks will now resize images for CDN optimization
  • Fix - Updating the quantity on the cart page rounded up decimal quantities
  • Fix - Duplicating Page in unpublished theme has empty Body
  • Fix - Google Reviews not always showing up on site
  • Fix - Search Result had missing navigation header in certain cases
  • Fix - Customer Import Error for Custom Attributes resolved