Featured Updates

1.6.5-8 - 28/Apr/17

  • Fix - Redirect customer to PayPal to choose another funding source when PayPal declined a payment with error #10486.
  • Fix - Saving a new/duplicated product with images, saves the wrong images.
  • Fix - Export CSV Delimiter Option
  • Fix - Newsletter Subscription Checkbox not visible on checkout
  • Fix - Abandon Cart: over 100 abandon carts per day.
  • Fix - Order Status not displayed in Order List
  • Fix - When purchasing Grouped Products, the Simple Product Images do not show in the checkout.
  • Fix - Schema.org Error on Product Page
  • Fix - Unable to translate "Company" in the Checkout

1.6.5-7 - 26/Apr/17

  • Fix - BigCommerce Migration Image Issue

1.6.5-6 - 24Apr/17

  • Improvement - Update eWay to 1.4.1
  • Fix - Customers can register even if reCAPTCHA enabled
  • Fix - eWay credit card creates two invoices

1.6.5-5 - 21/Apr/17

  • Fix - flush cache on mailchimp save
  • Fix - Need to hide Klevu API settings and set-up guide
  • Fix - Remove orphaned install script within Pixafy/Pixmagego module

1.6.5-4 - 20/Apr/17

  • Fix - Repair Klevu Provisions for Trials

1.6.5-3 - 20/Apr/17

  • Fix - Switch out invalid version monitoring email

1.6.5-2 - 18/Apr/17

  • Fix - Updated MailChimp/Taxjar Removal Hooks
  • Fix - Gift Card Confirmation Email Rejection
  • Fix - disable Newsletter subscription success email

1.6.5-0 - 18/Apr/17

MailChimp for Zoey App


Upgrade MageMonkey Mailchimp for Magento (New Module)Upgrade MageMonkey Mailchimp for Magento (New Module)

Upgrade MageMonkey Mailchimp for Magento (New Module)

Connect MailChimp to your Zoey Store with the MailChimp for Zoey App


Upgrade MageMonkey Mailchimp for Magento (New Module)


  • Fix - Product/Image Association CSV Import Bug
  • Fix - Can't process orders due to disabled Braintree method
  • Fix - URL Key Generating strangely
  • Fix - Generated product URL keys are not dupe-checked

1.6.4-1 - 17/Apr/17

  • Fix - Shopify Migration Orders Pagination Bug
  • Fix - code_pool error from EW cache

1.6.4-0 - 13/Apr/17


Adding re-CAPTCHA to Newsletter Subscription


1.6.3-0 - 13/Apr/17

  • Fix - Category Access Restriction Not Hiding Restricted Categories from nav
  • Fix - Secondary users -> My account broken
  • Fix - Multi-Store owners can switch to non existent stores
  • Fix - B2B Email template doesn't capture information
  • Fix - 301 Redirect drops query string
  • Fix - Customer Created Date in the future
  • Fix - Time stamp/date inaccurate for account creation

1.6.2-2 - 10/Apr/17

  • Improvement - PayPal not working reliably
  • Improvement - Integration with Tax Jar updated
  • Improvement - B2B restricted category will now hide from Navigation
  • Fix - Revert/modify sendmail Security Patch
  • Fix - Braintree not functioning

1.6.2-0 - 07/Apr/17

Apps Marketplace


Apps MarketplaceApps Marketplace

Apps Marketplace

Zoey has just released our new app marketplace at zoey.com/apps where you can browse, filter, search and directly add new apps to your store! This Article explains how to add new apps.


Apps Marketplace

New way to add Apps to your store at Zoey.com/apps

Google Customer Reviews


Like Google Trusted Stores, Google Customer Reviews will offer a survey opt-in that allows your customers to provide high-quality feedback about their shopping experience on your site. However, the new program will not offer purchase protection. We’ve made this change to help us better focus our support on getting you quality reviews and seller ratings, the 2 major keys to driving more traffic to your site.


Google Customer Reviews

Google Trusted Stores migration to Google Customer Reviews

  • Fix - Integration to new Google Merchant Center