Importing Tier Pricing

Tier (Step) Pricing can be imported via CSV by following the below steps.

Step 1 - Create CSV File

The CSV only needs to contain the SKU column and 4 Tier Pricing Columns.

Sample CSV (price & special price added for reference)Sample CSV (price & special price added for reference)

Sample CSV (price & special price added for reference)

Tier Pricing Columns

Column Header



Website for Tier Pricing - Always "all" as the value


Customer Group ID for the tier price:
all = All Customer Groups
0 = Not Logged In
1 - 3 = Defined Customer Groups


Quantity & Above that Tier Price gets applied to


Price applied to the quantity & above.


Note: If the tier_price_price value is Higher than the price or special_price, it will not work on your store.

Step 2 - Import CSV

Once your CSV has been Created, proceed to Import & Export > Import Products

  • Entity Type = Products
  • Import Type = Append Complex Data
  • Upload your CSV file
  • Click "Check Data" button in top right of screen
  • If everything looks good, you will have a green bar with a button to import

If you encounter errors during the check data step, please read our KB article on Import Errors