Email Templates

Sales email messages are used to notify customers that an order has been invoiced or an account has been changed. They can also be used to confirm a newsletter subscription or as a reminder that a shopping cart has been abandoned. Create a new sales template to automatically send a customized message about a recent transaction to your customers.

Which Email Templates are Used?

In Setup>Emails you will be able to select which templates are being used for different automated emails such as New Order or New Shipment.

In the settings for the Template used, you can select the Default Template from Locale (this is the Default Zoey Template) or choose from a list of custom email templates.

Learn how to build custom email templates below.


Visit Transactional Emails Page

In your Control Panel, hover your cursor over Set-up and select Emails.
Then click the "My Email Templates" link (see below)


This will take you to a list of custom email templates. To customize a template like the New Order email, start by clicking "Add New Template"


Add a New Template

From the Transactional Emails page, click Add New Template.



You can edit any previously created email templates by hovering over the template with your cursor and selecting the template.


From the New Email Template page, within the Load default template section, select a preexisting email template as a foundation for your new template. You can also select a Locale that matches your store language.


Then, click Load Template


The template you load will auto populate your Template Information section with the default title, content, and styles. From here you can customize your new template:

Template NameCreate an internal name for your template
Template SubjectCreate a subject line for your email
Insert VariableAdd a segment of text that automatically updates based on customer or store information. This can be used to include the date, your email logo, or the customer name, among other options.
Template ContentEdit the content of your email template using HTML.
Template StylesEdit the style of your email template using CSS.



All templates are in HTML, which our Support Team won't be able to assist with or troubleshoot. Zoey does not have a WYSIWYG option for email template editing at this time. We are working to implement this option in the near future.

Preview Template (Optional)

You can view how your email will appear to customers by clicking Preview Template. The email preview will appear in a new browser tab or window.


You can update your content in plain text (without HTML) by clicking Convert to Plain Text.


When your update is complete, click Save Template in the top right of the page.