Registration Thank You Page

Enable a Thank You landing page for after customer registration.

Step 1: Build the Thank You Page

In Edit My Design you can create a new information page for the Registration Thank You Page:


Click Add New Information Page

Remember the Page URL, as you will need to enter it into the Thank You Page setting in Customers > Settings


Click Edit on the Page URL, or just save the URL that's auto-generated for Step 2

Build your page with whatever blocks you like.


Automatic Redirection

The Thank You page is only displayed for 5 seconds, then the user is redirected to either the my account page, homepage, or log-in screen where they will see a message if Admin Approval is required.

You should add a message to the page telling the user that they will be redirected


Adding Tracking Script to Thank You Page

You can add a tracking script to this page to track registrations by using the +Add menu > Building Blocks > HTML block. You can use the below variables in your tracking script:

  • 'customerId'
  • 'customerEmail'
  • 'customerFirstName'
  • 'customerLastName'

Step 2: Enabling Thank You Page

Navigate to Zoey Web > Settings > Customer Settings > Customer Registration


Approve via Row Actions

Set "Enable Registration Thank You Page" to YES
In "Registration Thank You Page URL Key", enter the Page URL you entered from Step 1 above.
Save and test your store.