Notification Settings

Set Your Email Templates

From Set-up > Emails, scroll down to the Sales Emails section. In here you can set the template for:

  • New Order Confirmation Email
  • New Invoice Email
  • New Shipment Email
  • New Credit Memo (Refund) Email
  • Gift Card Recipient Email
  • Contact Us Emails
  • Newsletter Sign-up Settings

Display Product Images in Emails

To display product images in your Order Confirmation, Invoice and Shipping Emails, you can set Display Product Images In Email to Yes.



You will need to enable this for each of the three Email Settings (Order Confirmation, Invoice and Shipping).

Receive a Copy of the Email Notifications

If you wish to receive the notification that is sent to your customers, you can add your email address in the field for Send Order Comment Email Copy To and select whether you want to be in BCC in the email, or receive a separate email.



You can add multiple email addresses separated by commas.

Save your email settings by clicking on the blue Save button.