Product Reviews Export


This export will only export reviews submitted through the Zoey Reviews featured. It will not work for any reviews submitted through any third party app, such as Yotpo.

Export Reviews For Specific SKUs

Click Import & Export > Product Reviews


Select now Specific SKUs and enter one SKU per line:


You can narrow down the information to be exported:

Product Filters Export All Products
Specific SKUs
Customer Filters Reviews From All Customers
Reviews From Logged In Customers
* Reviews From Guests
Columns Sku
Status Id
Customer Id
Customer Email
Created At (GMT)

Once ready, click on the Export Reviews button at the bottom of the page, which will generate the CSV file and download it onto your computer.

Export Reviews From Within Reviews Settings

Navigate to Zoey Web > Features > Reviews & Ratings:


Click on the links at the top of the list to Select All, Unselect All, Select Visible (reviews visible on that page), or Unselect Visible.
If you want to select individual reviews, simply check the box to the left of the review ID within the list.

Once you selected the reviews to be exported, click on the Actions dropdown at the top right of the list and select Export Reviews then click on the blue Submit button next to it.


This will generate the CSV file and download it automatically onto your computer.

The following CSV Headers are being exported:

  • review_title
  • review_content
  • display_name
  • review_status
  • review_score
  • review_date
  • sku
  • product_title
  • product_description product_url
  • product_image_url
  • appkey (ignore this field)