Export/Update Customer Information

If you want to make changes to multiple customer records, it is often more efficient to do so in bulk rather than one by one.

First, export the data from your store to a spreadsheet file. After you add or update the records in the spreadsheet, you can re-import the data back to your store.

Export Customers

  • In your Zoey Admin, click Import/Export > Export Customers.
  • The system will generate entity attributes that are relevant to customers. You can use these to narrow down the results you are given.
  • Click Continue at the bottom of the page to export your customer data to a comma-separated values (CSV) file type.
  • Open the saved filed in your favorite spreadsheet application and edit as needed.


CSV File

The file that you upload must be in Comma-Separated Values (CSV) format. If you use a Mac, save the CSV as CSV (Windows) file type. Most spreadsheet and database applications can create CSV files. CSV files must have specific characteristics in order to be imported. The total size of uploadable files cannot exceed 110M.

Import Your File

Navigate to the Import screen in your Zoey Control Panel by going to Import/Export > Import Customers

  • Set Entity Type to Customers
  • Set Import Behavior to Append Complex Data
  • Click on Choose File to browse your computer for the CSV
  • Once you see the name of your file appear next to Choose File, click Check Data.

If you are given errors, please check your CSV file on the line(s) specified or add the missing column. Common issues are "Old_id" not being set to "0" for new customers.

You will now have the option to Import.



If there are errors still listed after Check Data, those lines / customers will not be included in the update.